Unearthing Holiness: Spearing the Sea for the Soul

Mud squished between my toes,

water lapped at my ankles.

Dirt crusted my nails

as I dug through earth,

uncovering the shell.

Pocketing my discovery, I continued to venture forth,

trailing behind our knowledgeable Aboriginal guide.

As my thumb flicked the rough surface of the mussel,

my other hand intertwined with my husband’s,

we listened to our guide regale us with folklore, tradition, and culture.

He cautioned us to tread lightly,

not racing.

Do so and your feet would become ensnared by the mangroves we were meandering through.

So slowly we traveled,

careful thought on foot placement so as not to jab the sole.


While traipsing, we caught sight of a crab.

We thrust spears and caught future nourishment.

spearing crab

Eventually we found ourselves at his doorstep, the stoop surrounded by fresh coconuts.


Our guide, Juan picked it up, hauling it into his parent’s home.

Inside, he continued to tell us stories as we munched on our fresh morning catch and ripe fruit.

crab dish

Time was steady here, it was a simple life, difficult, but enjoyable.  We lounged, tired from fending for our own food.

When you empty yourselves of busyness, savor the moment, you’ll truly find the abundance of living in the present.

This was a taste of sustenance living, this was fellowship, this was an earthly embrace with the divine…or most certainly a close encounter.

If you are interested in such an experience, please contact Juan.  You will not be disappointed!  This remains one of our favorite memories to this day.  It was one of the best authentic experiences we’ve ever had while traveling as a couple.

http://www.walkaboutadventures.com.au/Walkabout/Home.html  (Port Douglas, Australia)

(Whenever I write a travel blog, I secretly hope that #BMTM (bemytravelmuse) or Nomadic Matt will stumble across it.  I admire their work and would enjoy their feedback!)


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