Ultimate Protection

***The title could use work and I’m sure my grammar is atrocious!

Even if we wrap ourselves in padding, we can not escape the blows of life.  There is conflict, physical ailment, and emotional upheavals.  It is in these moments that we realize, no matter how hard we try to deny it or control it, we have no power to stop “bad” things from happening.

1.) The Las Vegas shooting

2.) California wildfires and the hurricanes

3.) Our children’s falls<– The one that affected me most this past weekend.

We can hover over kids, put blinders over our eyes, cover our ears, but maladies still transpire, evil still runs rampant.  We are fallen.  Sin captivates and tempts.  Until Christ returns, we will not experience a life without pain and heartache.  It is in these moments that we are tested.  Will we admit our inability to control life, that we have chosen separation from God repeatedly, and ultimately, that we need a Savior’s redemption?

Now, confessing sin, repenting, and trusting God does not mean that we will be without trouble.  Anyone promoting that gospel is packaging the truth of grace in a spoiled wrapping.  However, by pursuing Christ, we can have a blessed assurance, a peaceful hope that the circumstances in life are not without purpose.  We rest secure that there is something beyond ourselves and the constant stream of struggles.  Eternity will come and one day, we won’t have the sorrows of today.

“he will wipe every tear from their eyes. Death will be no more; mourning and crying and pain will be no more, for the first things have passed away” (Rev. 21:4).

I wish I could have protected my eldest from her fall.  She bit her tongue and it bled, a lot.  She is too little to stay still for stitches so we were given antibiotics and Tylenol to alleviate her pain, then sent on our way.  Thankfully, it is healing well.

However, that moment was a stark reminder that accidents do happen.  We can try to prevent falls, but they will still occur.  Sometimes, hovering and constant fretting can actually lead to a greater accident.  Also, it doesn’t help to blame others or yourself in the event of an accident.

Forgive the “offender” or even yourself.  There is so much relief and freedom when we forgive.  Forgiveness is contrary to our human nature, but God operates on another plane.  He calls us to the difficult and in finding our weakness, we discover his strength to persist.

Since it was purely accidental, I feel no need to blame my friend who was watching Willow at the time.  Instead, I can use the experience to remind myself that try as I might, my children belong to God and their lives are ultimately his, like all of ours are.  It is my duty to continue thanking him for the blessing to raise them, praying I’d be equipped to parent well, and that he would keep them close to him at all times.

Also, perhaps I shouldn’t be praying for safety.  Why should we be privileged to such things?  Can safety also deter us from recognizing our need from God?  Instead, I find that I should rather be praying for greater revelation of God and his power in all things.

Thank you God for preserving my daughter for yet another day.  I pray you would please prolong her days that she might worship you and that her worship would be infectious to those whom you have her influence. Thank you for the opportunity to care for this invaluable treasure.

May all our moments, joyful and hurtful bring us deeper into your fold.  Help us to recognize your power and glory in all situations.  You are completing a good work in us.  Your strength is made perfect in our weakness.  There is ultimate good for those who lay down their lives and follow you.  We do not mourn as those who have no hope.

Everything has a purpose for God’s glory and our good and may we revel in that.  There might be a dark shadow today, but in the end, sorrow is eclipsed by glory—a Savior who died but rose again and gives victory over death!  One day, when we dwell with him at the end of our days, there will be no more suffering!  Let us continue to hold onto that!

Yes, we can cry when we are sad.  I assure you I certainly did (once my daughter slept so as not to alarm her).

When we cry though, we must remember, this is not the end.   Sometimes, things could be far worse than what they were, but they are not nearly as great as what lies ahead!



2 Replies to “Ultimate Protection”

    1. Yeah, thankfully it is healing nicely. The hardest part for her is no lollipops (which the dentist said she shouldn’t have at all anyways). She is loving all the ice cream though!

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