The Casket’s Triumphal Worship

When the mouth fills with moistened soil

a body rests, returning to dust.

The soul ascends and bows in awe at the sight of Him enthroned.

There sits a Savior ruling rightly,

finally all is just,

and I find the peace I’ve spent years searching for.

Now I eternally praise the one who made the heavens and earth,

while earth itself decays my physical remains and erases my memory.


So Many Reasons

The newest cult following on Netflix: 13 Reasons Why

A review.  Warning: MAJOR Spoilers

I didn’t want to watch it.  I knew the topic.  Then I went to a book club and heard mixed reviews.  It piqued my curiosity.  Curiosity kills the cat.

As someone who has struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts, and has several friends who struggle too, I am pleased to know that there is finally a show getting people to talk about a “taboo” subject.  However, the show erred in many ways.  I’ll highlight some positives of the show and then go into the many flaws.


1.) People are finally speaking about suicide, depression, and mental illness.  Society has often thinks we should silence such issues.  In America, we strive for individuality and dependence on self.  These topics jeopardize self-reliance and ‘success’ through hard work and determination.

2.) The show highlights how women’s bodies are still objectified.

Sadly, I was at a high school graduation party this weekend.  I was in another room nursing my infant daughter.  I could hear the teenage girls and boys discussing another student’s body.  They were saying she was too skinny and it was repulsive.  Repulsive?

In a society that has emphasized diet and exercise to get skinny, because skinny is too often equated with health, that we have girls struggling with the spectrum of eating disorders?  Unfortunately, if a girl was fat, she’d be critiqued for that.  We can’t win.

I know men are critiqued too: If you are too skinny, you are a wuss.  What are you? Weak? Are you crying? Are you a pansy? A woman?  Have you ever noticed that a critique of a man’s body usually compares his lack of muscle female inadequacy?  If a guy doesn’t have muscle, he is told he is weak, womanly.  Why is being a woman thought of as weak?  You see, guys bodies are criticized, but the insults hurled at men comes back to belittling women.  A muscular woman is sometimes called butch.  However, while this is still an insult, strength is still a positive thing.  In American society, physical weakness is very much a flaw.  Feminism is needed when we are still objectifying and belittling women’s bodies.

3.) Rape is discussed.  You see how silence on the topic of rape spirals out of control and damages the individual who was raped and others.

4.) You see how bullying leads to suicide.

5.) The show helped me dust off some past history that I had tucked away.  I didn’t realize I needed to address it.  It helped me uncover some roots to issues in my marriage.   Hopefully I can now begin the necessary, albeit difficult, healing process that entails.


1.) The show blames others for the act of suicide.  Yes, peers can influence a choice, but a person who commits suicide (or takes part in self-harm at all) is still the one at fault.  It is not somebody else’s choice to slit your wrists.  Murder is different than suicide.

Yes, bullying needs to be addressed.  While bullying can be a catalyst to such a decision, the decision is still the fault of the individual who commits suicide.  Our society often seeks to blame others for the choices we make.  We must take responsibility for our choices.  We can blame society, injustice, oppression, or a slew of other problems for our lot.  However, what we do with our problems reveals our character.  We can bemoan injustice and play the victim or we can have our struggles spur us towards victory, strength, and testimony.

God has placed us in a particular time and location.  He still gave us free will on how we will optimize our talents, shortcomings, and perception of injustice this side of heaven. We can sit and discuss how society is wrong, how we have been abused or belittled, and wallow in pity.  The other choice is to forgive offenses, practice gratitude for what we do have, and live life for the purposes of God.  It is often in our struggles that God can shine.  “As for me, may I never boast about anything except the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. Because of that cross, my interest in this world has been crucified, and the world’s interest in me has also died.” (Gal. 6: 14 NLT)

Aside: Please understand I’m not saying that bullying, oppression, and inequality aren’t problems that need to be rectified.  These problems definitely need to be talked about.  We need to raise awareness and fight for people who sometimes don’t have a voice.  We need to be advocates for orphans and widows, members of society who are often put out and forced into silence.

I’m not saying to stop being an advocate.  I’m not saying to stop fighting for justice.

I am saying we need to stop playing the victim.  Bad things happen to good people.  It sucks.  Rather than reliving what happened and wading (and eventually drowning) in bitterness, regret, and loathing, Forgive. Find freedom in taking responsibility for your part in situations and in releasing others from the chains of a grudge.  The only person a grudge truly holds captive is the one holding it.  We can harbor anger and eventually die in the futility of wrath. Instead, let us find fullness of life in the strength of forgiveness, an identity in Christ, not the constant shifting opinion of humanity.

As it pertains to the show, I think of Clay.  Clay did nothing wrong to Hannah.  In fact, she pushes him away without explaining why she shuts him out. She put him on the tapes.  He asks if he kills Hannah Baker.  He is told that in some way, they all did.

While we can influence people’s choices, an individual’s choice is still their choice.  We are told to keep peace in so far as it depends upon us.  We can’t control how others perceive a particular comment.  If we didn’t mean offense, we shouldn’t have to apologize for how someone perceived offensively.  I apologize too much because I’m always concerned I have offended someone.  In the end, I wind up apologizing for my mere existence and suffer for it.

2.) Hannah stirs up drama.  She tends to think every person’s decision comes back to her.  A wise man once told me that people frequently think far less often about me as I think they do.  People are really self-absorbed.  Yes, self-absorption is a sin and we need to become more other-centered.  As for me, who struggles with approval addiction, it helps knowing that other people aren’t thinking of me as much as I think they are. I probably have their approval when I think they don’t and the opposite probably holds true too.

Zach tells Hannah he likes her.  She thinks it is because of the “hot ass” list and she is supposedly easy.  He tells her it isn’t.  She tells him that isn’t true.  Eventually they say “F-you” to each other.  Since he is popular, she can’t understand how he could have an interest in her.  Her perception of his kindness is severely flawed and he is on the tapes too as having contributed to her death.

Alex put Hannah’s name on the list to make his girlfriend jealous because his girlfriend, whom he loved, wasn’t ready for sex with him.  Rather than talking about it with him, Hannah kills herself and then does a tape about his offenses.  He feels so guilty about how he made Hannah feel and keeps getting bullied himself that he shoots himself in the head.

3.) Hannah talks about how Justin was so wrong for allowing his girlfriend to be raped.  However, Hannah was in the room, hiding, when it happened.  Hannah herself was silent about the rape!  How can she accuse Justin of such ill response when she is guilty herself?  Hannah says she feels guilty for not saying anything, but places the main blame on Justin.

4.) Hannah goes to a party and is raped by Bryce, the same boy who raped her friend.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not misunderstand me here.  Under no circumstances should a woman (or man, because men can be raped too) ever be sexually violated!  A girl who is scantily clad is not asking for rape!  A victim should not be blamed for the violent choices of another individual.  Even if someone is completely naked in front of someone else, if they aren’t okay with being touched, they SHOULD NOT be touched.

That being said, we do have to take responsibility for our choices, especially if they can play a role in our injury.  Hannah went to a party with a known rapist and stayed in the hot tub when everyone left and he was nearby.  She was in a place even she said she shouldn’t have been in.  If you know you shouldn’t be somewhere, listen and get out.

5.) Hannah leaves a crime scene to find a phone and report it.  Rather than staying where the stop sign was hit, and this leads to a bigger accident: a friend of theirs is hit by an oncoming car after an alcohol run (he wasn’t drunk) when he “runs” the stop sign.  He dies and everyone is left thinking he died due to drunk driving.  She could have stayed and regulated the scene.  Someone driving by could have a phone and it would have been safer.

Yes, this is a would-have-could have-should have situation. I guess this isn’t so much a con.  Hindsight is hard.

6.)  Why was Tony involved?  You are told he was a friend of Hannah’s, the tapes were left with him, he ran to her house after listening to the first few seconds of the first tape, and subsequently, he witnessed the crime scene.

He blames himself for not having prevented the suicide after hearing the tapes.  Tony was just a friend.  He wasn’t even on the tapes. He comforts Hannah’s mom through the process.

You see a semicolon tattoo on his arm and that can allude to his own struggle with depression.  You find out he is gay.  You find out his ex, who he still talks to, was possessive.  His ex is certainly bullied throughout the show.  You are told that they can’t let Tony let out the secrets.

You can suppose that Tony was bullied for homosexuality too, but the show never highlights that.  They highlight his ex being bullied.

Why Tony? Why?

This plot hole just simply drives me crazy.

7.) While the school counselor said some horrible things, Hannah leaves his office and then waits, expecting him to follow.  Yes, I’ve had arguments with my husband, left a room, and waited to see if he’d follow, to see if he cared.  This is extremely manipulative and vindictive behavior.  I recognize this is a problem.  In this situation, it is the person who waits that winds up at fault, not the person who doesn’t run after.

8.) How are the parents not involved more in their kids lives?  Clay’s mom seems to be the only one who really intercedes.  She is portrayed as an annoyance and helicopter than genuinely caring about what her son does.

Yes, I don’t have teenagers yet.  My kids are still young.  I was one once though.  I know I kept secrets from my parents.  However, I was told I had to be home at particular times, call if I was going to be late, grounded if my grades were poor, etc.  The kids in the show seem like they are allowed to wander freely without repercussions.  This is a problem in and of itself.  Hormonal teens left to their own devices, without advice, discipline, and encouragement, will cause much destruction.  I guess the show was accurate there…

9.)  Hannah had very loving parents and she had a good relationship with them.

Most people who struggle with depression and suicide have estranged parental relationships to some degree.  I’m not saying all, but the vast majority do.  It is RARE to have depression, mental illness, or suicidal thoughts when you have compassionate and loving parents.

10.)  Hannah leaves tapes as warnings to her friends but doesn’t leave any indication to her parents, who she had good report with, as to why she committed suicide.

11.) Home room has notes that are shared.  An eerie anonymous question is asked about suicide in the note just before Hannah commits suicide.  On the tapes, you are told that Zach keeps silent. He might have suspected Hannah’s depression spiraling to the worst, but how did none of the teachers, especially the one who received the note, not pick up on it?

Maybe I’m naive.  I just don’t think everyone is this dense.  This teacher was teaching how to prevent bullying, how to speak with others, etc.  Wouldn’t she have recognized elusive behavior signs?

Hannah cut her hair and started dressing darker and no one is the wiser.  I would think with such drastic changes someone would have noticed, especially an adult.  As I said though, maybe I’m naive.  I knew someone in high school that committed suicide, but I didn’t know him well.  Usually though, there are indicative signs that cause people to question.  Hannah’s parents were involved, unlike Justin’s mom, so you would think they would have suspected something when their daughter stopped confiding in them and became more reclusive.

I don’t know, maybe I’m more naive about this issue than I think I am.  I have struggled, but I know each person’s struggle is different.  I do know that when I’m quieter than normal, people ask why.  Maybe I just have good involved friends.

Hannah had Clay and her parents though.  Other people who would be seemingly more suspect to commit suicide in the show, don’t.  Although I guess sometimes one person handles stress better than another.  You never really know how people will be influenced in their choices.

12.) There aren’t really 13 reasons why she commits suicide.  Justin has two tapes.  The party is segmented, but the main reason is the rape.  One reason, different viewpoints and characters.  The title problem is a minor issue in my mind, but still a slight con.

13.) Bryce has no clue about the tapes.  He isn’t given them.  He finds out about them from Justin.  Bryce has a tape at the very end, but they aren’t given to him.  You don’t find out if Hannah wanted Bryce to find out about the tapes because she made one for him or not.

Again, plot hole that can drive you crazy because it is part of the overarching story line.

13 cons…yeah I stretched them admittedly

To write a critique this long must mean it was more influential than I give it credit for.  You can feel invested in these characters because there is a lot of character development.  I wanted to feel for Hannah.  I did to some degree, but she seems whiner and dramatic than most depressed suicidal people I know.  If Hannah had a mental disorder like borderline personality or bipolar disorder, the mood swings might make sense, but the show doesn’t seem to show this as the case.  Instead, it seems that bullying seems to be the culprit and in that degree, Tyler, Tony, Justin, or many of the other characters seem more likely to commit suicide than Hannah.  Who knows though, each person handles things differently.

This is why we must watch and care.  To that extent, thank you Netflix.  We know we have to look for the signs of weariness, the warning that someone feels death is easier than a life lived for the purposes of God.

(“A life lived for the purposes of God”- A reel I have on replay in my head currently based off a sermon I heard this weekend, but that is a post for another time, if I get around to it.)

Oh and I guess I should have made it a bullet point.  It is a con though.  Throughout the show, everyone keeps saying, “Hannah’s truth isn’t my truth.”  This is a MASSIVE problem in our society.  Truth is not relative.  I hate to break it to you.  Truth is objective, not subjective.  Perceptions of truth can be subjective and relative, but truth itself is just that.  Truth is a fact, not a variable that alters with emotion, maturity, time, or location.  This might be why I love mathematics.  Math just is.

Sadly, even in philosophical and theological spheres we have tried to adapt relative truth.  The problem with relative truth is that it implodes.  Monotheism and polytheism can’t co-exist.  One is true and the other is false.  Jesus said he is the way, the truth, and the life.  He said no one can get to the father except through him.  This means that Jesus is the only way to get to heaven and meet God (the father).  Does this seem exclusive?  Yes.  However, in atheism, I cease to exist entirely.  I am a mere composition of atoms and when I die, I rot, simply to be compost in a spinning world until the universe expands into oblivion.  I can’t profess atheism and Christianity concurrently.  If I do, I have a different dogma than Christianity.

Truth is exclusive.  America is no longer under British rule.  We gained independence in 1776.  My perception of how it came to be or what rule looks like could be different, but truth is truth.  A Declaration of Independence was drafted, can still be found, and that draft occurred in 1776.

Hannah might have correctly perceived or misinterpreted situations, but it isn’t her “truth”.  Truth was the event that happened.  Then truth is left to humanity’s perceptive devices.  Be careful.  Understanding word usage, language, and meaning is of dire importance.  Perception can be deceptive.

Thanks for getting this far.  Watch it if you want, but understand it is VERY graphic.  (You will see the girls getting raped and Hannah cut herself.)  It is hard.  It is a somewhat inaccurate portrayal of mental illness, depression, and suicide.  If it gets people conversing about these topics though, it has served its purpose.  God can use all things for his glory, even a simple Netflix series.

So come, let’s have a conversation.




Cat Cries Charity: People’s Puerile Pity

Many years ago a woman lay sprawled on a table,

legs in stirrups and a sheet draped over her knees.

The blade sliced her gut and the little rebel was pulled forcefully from her womb.

A baby rolling with giggles and blubber toddled through childhood in an eager manner.

Yet in the care of another there was gnashing of teeth and somewhere chemicals leeched.

Then the storms rolled in.

Every day was a battle.

This once joyous babe was at war with the world.

She chased others with daggers when opposition arose.

Only muttering a please or a thank you,

never both in a phrase.

She insisted on going last and uttering no, but was fierce with frustration if questioning her preference was omitted.

Through high school she fell in with the daredevils and fighters.

She hurled curses at those closest to her.

Meanwhile, she linked elbows with fools, manipulators, abusers.

One foul night she gave herself to a boy full of false promises

and that dark hour he robbed just a little more of her innocence.

Gurgling remorse with a bottle of Jack

she snuffed out regret

and blamed loved ones for missteps.

In college she would lay on floors,

passed out from indulgence

and men would grope her.

She claimed assaults but then denied those claims.

Flip-flopping tales and weaving a web of continuous lies.

Surprisingly, one day she capped her head

and took the receipt of her accolades.

Now she could crunch numbers for others

all while squandering away her own.

One day she bled onto a towel

and her grief lay dormant

but friends and family begrudgingly sighed relief.

After that moment and a couple of envious years at one who had followed accepted projections,

she packed a bag

and drove on the dusty road.

Thinking she’d find Nirvana, she set forth to blaze a new destruction.

She made a disturbing vow

and less than a year in

broke it by tangling lips with lies yet again,

somehow believing this would be different,

fresh and anew.

Her body lay ravaged as she gave it so freely,

not recognizing her potential or worth,


Now a beggar with oiled hair from lack of bathing, teeth stained yellow by copious Mountain Dew consumption, she draws breaths on the stick, puffing out billows of smoke

and watches the life she had hoped for dash to the ground as she flicks ashes towards California’s quaking rubble.


*Loved ones bow, feverishly praying, questioning how to assist, asking for wisdom when fury abuses. Needing to forgive, but not knowing how, and bestowing compassion that isn’t received or returned makes relatives weary, reluctant.  Oh God, grant insight and a right spirit for all in this inferno.



A Sloth’s Excuse?

In keeping the motif from yesterday’s musings, I decided to write about why I don’t go to the gym, or rather to chronicle my excuses for not exercising.

Backstory:  I’m a mother.  I work full time.  I nurse an infant.  I chase after a toddler.  My daughters are 16 months apart, a comic masterpiece from God I’m led to believe.  [My sister and I, who’ve had a tumultuous relationship as I can best describe without leaving myself too vulnerable for the judgments of the internet’s space, are 16 months apart. Ah, run-on sentences and fragments, sorry.] My infant night nurses and my toddler frequently has nightmares or simply doesn’t want to be alone.  When my toddler rises at night, finding herself without companionship in her bed, she wanders into our door-less master bedroom and climbs into the warmth and comfort of other slumbering bodies.  Then, of course, I stir and can’t sleep.  I’m inadvertently kicked in the face or shoved to the edge.  I, in sunshine’s stirring, arise, bleary eyed as I trudge through the day.

As part of an idolatrous, self-indulging morning, I peruse Facebook.  I see a constant feed of selfies and meals, frequently at the gym and heaping plates of fad diet-inspired creations.  I judge.  Perhaps this bemoaning is my disdain for dieting due to a checkered childhood history of observing failed dieting and the repercussions negative self-image played in my family.  Maybe there is a slight guilt over my sedentary night practices as I recline and watch one too many episodes of Netflix’s current binges.  While it isn’t always true, there is a very real comment, “that which you are inclined to judge in others is what you hate most in your own life.”

Maybe I don’t like all the pictures of healthy creations because I am ashamed that I lack self-control.  Seeing those reels are an affront to my sin of indulgence and I realize I’m still hoarding this sin rather than surrendering it to God.  I throw myself a pity party.  Parties are fun though, right?

The constant thread of gym attendance from friends jeopardizes my comfort with slothfulness.  I claim fatigue, and while it is true, if I changed my eating behavior [I’m again reminded of those endless recipes plastered on my news feed] and actually worked out, I might find the energy I claim I’m lacking.

I know I need change.  Sadly, my criticisms are shining a light on the reality that I comment and critique because I am not where and what I want to be.  I know I need change.  We can use the excuse that we need to rely on God so we can continue in our apathetic monotony.  Yes, we need God and he is the one who can give us energy when we think we have none, but we must also give action to our voiced prayers.  If we think we need change, pray and start moving.  May I stop criticizing what others post on Facebook.  Rather, may I use it as a catalyst to change behaviors in myself I find lacking or obnoxious.  As I act, may I continually pray because I know permanent change isn’t possible without the power of the Holy Spirit to defeat constant temptation.

Will you help me by holding me accountable?  Where have you noticed you criticized others because gossip and judgment is easier than rectifying your own faults?

Also, I realize my backstory highlights the reasons I’ve used for not going to the gym and not preparing more nutritious meals.  Yet, I also admit that I do think it is absurd to pay for something God has given me freely through creation (like paying for a gym membership and diet designed meal plans), if only I do my part and play in God’s beautiful playground.


An Illusion Fad

Forks are laid to rest while fasting takes its grip.

When gnawing resumes,copious meat’s inhaled.

Cars idle as the bags are packed,

stuffed full of towels, sweatsuits, and headbands.

Then in gridlocked traffic,

fists clench wheels

and grumblings ensue.

The metal race begins,

each driver battling for the perfect parking spot

so they can lay claim to the fastest stationed bike

or oiled treadmill.

Paths are forged in a forest,

but in American comfort we rip down trees,

paving the earth

to build facilities rather than utilize the terrain God created for balanced health.

In a society obsessed with organic,

we’ve processed our fitness and meals.

We lift fashioned weights

while wood isn’t chopped for winter’s store,

water isn’t hauled for summer’s reserve,

and soil isn’t turned for spring’s planting or fall’s harvest.

We run in place with buds in our ears,

plastering selfies of gym attendance,

while our children are commissioned out for supervision and supervising

in a plastic filled bubble.

Conversations are wrought with anxiety and fear.

We can’t pay the mortgage

but our membership fees aren’t skipped.

Our Judaeo-Christian based origins were supposed to be radical,

momentum for love, sacrifice, and charity.

Idolatry, like usual, has bested us.

We love ourselves,

posting our achievements in a search for public recognition, fame, and applause.

We sacrifice our time with others to squeeze in personal body sculpting.

We hoard our dividends, fearful we won’t have enough for our own indulgences.

Individuality has resulted in conformity,

each person driven to look the best

rather than feel and change the world for the better.

Men and women walk around stressed.

We think we’re enlightened,

but we’ve snuffed out the light.

We no longer work to sustain daily bread,

but rather toil away for new gadgets and games.

When will we stop burning the wick,

finding rest in some silence?

When will we realize community’s fellowship is in working to put food on the table,

not cash for a convenience purchase,

but the work of dirt under nails?

Finally recognizing the planting and sowing of a supper’s bounty

is from the hands of God who provides

in seasons of drought and precipitation.

Let us stop manufacturing tools to mold the body and

scripting media to form human relationships.

Break bread you have baked from wheat fields personally harvested

and watch muscles bulge from the products of manual labor,

the labor that actually puts roofs over your head, food in your belly, and a fire in the hearth.


*Now I realize sin and idolatry can crop up in a return to simplicity too.  I’m just aghast at the number of gyms we have built and the food we’ve stocked on our shelves.

God has given us a vast array of natural paths to meander.  There is also a large supply of wild edibles.  Today, we don’t know how to find food unless it is in appealing packaging and put on a store’s shelf.  I know that processed food has helped to alleviate hunger.  When we are dependent on seasons for crop growth, we can suffer the feeling of an empty belly.  However, maybe we wouldn’t hoard and observe morbid obesity skyrocketing in this country if we were more self-reliant (or truthfully, God-reliant) for our nutritive means.

We are also paying to exercise when we could simply go outside for a jog, build muscles by sowing and reaping food from a garden, carrying and/or playing with our kids, or warming our houses by shoveling pellets or chopping down wood.

We also think that we are far more connected in community through screens, but in reality, we are putting up shields from real and authentic community.  We’re loosing a valuable asset of fellowship:  vulnerability.  Here, in the digital web, we can spin whatever image of ourselves we want, hiding true thought.  So much language is lost when the physical body is removed.  Many conversations go misunderstood by being misconstrued.

I sit baffled.  I’m not faultless by any means.  There is sin in simplicity too.  I recognize the underpinnings of pride as I judge surplus and excess.  The proper balance hasn’t materialized.  To that end, I apologize.  [Anyone who knows me would realize the irony in yet another “sorry”.]

Yet, there is a freedom from minimalism.  Removing clutter, we can be filled with more time for God and authentic relationships.  Appreciating manual labor and simply being active can provide the means for healthy bodies, rather than the imagined health gleaned from controlled environments of exercise.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading.  What have your experiences been?  Do you find it absurd that we deplete our bank accounts to pay for stuff provided for us in nature by God, our Jehovah-Jireh?

A Pearly Pit

A mouth stands agape

while hands grip the perceived porcelain sanctuary.

Eyes stream tears

and salt etches regret upon pale cheeks.

A bowed head raises and

on shaky feet starts forward once more.

The thespian unlocks the door,

a smile pressed forcefully to parched lips.

All the world’s a stage,

and her a player,

leaving peers perplexed and unsuspecting.

***thinking of a suitable title and finding it unsuitable…

[Revisions need to take place in writing and in parallel, life.  Grammar has bested me; no longer a friend.  Apologies.]


Strawberry Fields

Succulent scarlet glistens,

its speckled flesh prickling in

the thick summer day.

Tiny seeds bud

for long tips to pull the stem.

Little digits fumble.

Finally, they curl, grasping the head.


Teeth sink into the ripened flesh.

Ruby rivers dribble down,

dripping from a chin,

and in its end, replenishes the soil from which it sprang.



The Blood Goblet

Hear the news,

an oddity to the norm,

but great treasure to those who hear and find.

You writhe and wail,

beating your breast

as your body swells

and lets.

Poured out,



You were once a stench in a land with dripping sackcloth.

Now take and insert a truth most, especially Westerners, find repulsive.

The adjustment period will last a few cycles,

but a dawn is coming when you will forget the days of old;

Days filled with rubbish depravity.

You’ll discover the minor investment

pays grand dividends.

No longer will you feel the grime

of reeking cotton and clumped flesh.

In fact, you may even forget the device

which enables a woman to go forth to a fuller, less stressful life.

Although the curse ushered forth pain for the woman,

there is something that will alleviate the ordeal slightly.

If anything, it makes the process bearable.

For if this is my lot

I’ll purchase a box

that affords me reprieve from frequent changes and constant odor.

So to all women in my like state,

I pass on this message:

Find and buy a “goblet for blood”—a menstrual cup.

[This is not what you anticipated, I’m sure.  The cup is a little bit of menstrual salvation in my opinion, if that counts for anything.  Hopefully this doesn’t sound like heresy since I’m making this device sound seemingly like the Holy Grail.  This is probably one of the reasons I shouldn’t be allowed on the internet and be forced into off-grid living.]