A Real Reel: A Humanity Hurting

Gaping mouths utter silent screams.

Scouring flesh, acid burning.

After application, they’re thrown to heaps of rubble,

left to chaff and rot.

World’s apart,

the tilt keeps turning

so cares are tossed aside.

The parched, panting “paupers”

keep pleading out in vain.

Arise, Awake you who straddle comfort!

Lift up your voices,

cry out to God.

Intercede for those whose praise grows petrified by poison.


[May our prayers be with the Syrian people.  Lord, grant us wisdom on how we might assist our brothers and sisters in this struggle!  Oh Lord, be not deaf to this pain.  Come quickly Lord.  Let your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.  For mercy’s sake, intervene!]


***Thinking of how to modify the title so it is more fitting.


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