Some Toddler Chronicles: A month and four days from two years old!

Toddlers.  They are exhausting creatures to raise.  However, they also had some massive amusement to your life.  My daughters bring me such delight.  I enjoy watching them grow.  Their interactions with each other and their curiosity with the world is invigorating.  I have a greater appreciation for life as I watch them have first experiences.  When I start to get bored with something I’ve grown accustomed to, I simply have to watch my children play and interact with people and things to birth a new appreciation for the mundane.  I want to make sure I journal amusing stories.  One of my favorite pastimes growing up, especially on long car rides, was hearing my mother regale stories from mine and my sister’s younger days, days that we experienced but didn’t necessarily have the memory for at that age.

Here are some of my chronicles as my eldest daughter is on the precipice of two!

During potty training: She claps for herself, says, “Yay Willow” and then waves good-bye to her poop.  “Bye poop.  See you!”

Shaking her hips, “Yogurt, yogurt.”  (Reeling the song Yogurt by Ylvis in her mind and dancing.)

The other day she wandered into the bathroom while I was getting ready:

“Mama, chocolate.”-Willow (W) “I’m sorry, we don’t have anymore”-Me “More chocolate.”-W “Like I said, all done.  We don’t have anymore.”-Me *a little firmer* “More chocolate.”-W “All out.  No more chocolate.  We ate it all.  We don’t have anymore.”-Me *an intense pout face and mumbling/sulking* “more chocolate.”-W “I know kid.  I know kid.  My sentiments exactly.”- Me

*Willow sitting in the driver’s seat.  Car is off and keys are in my pocket.  Pushing the windshield wiper knob up and down.* “I start it.  I start it.  Get going.  Bye!  Sit in driver’s seat.  Get going.!”

Whenever the dog tries to get her food *puts her hand out* “NO PUPPY!  BAD DOG!  MITZIE!”  *tries to run away so the dog doesn’t get her food*

“Dog treat. Mitzie, dog treat.”  (She loves giving the dog treats.)  *Jumps up and down after putting it in front of the dog.

“Willow hold baby Fiona.  Fiona with us. (Meaning she wants Fiona next to her.)” Willow plays patty-cake with Fiona, hugs her, kisses her.  “Aww.  Baby.”

“Missing _____ (insert friend or family member’s name here)”

“Mama hold Willow.”

“Snuggle” Then will snuggle.

*Shoving a tissue in her sister’s face.* “Blow.”

One time in getting ready to leave for the sitter’s house:  “Put your shoes on please.”- Me “No.  Throw toy.”- W “No, don’t throw your toy.”-Me *throws toy* “Sigh, alright, in time out.  We don’t throw toys.  C’mon, get up, to the corner now.” *walks to the corner.  Turns around, smiles, “Thank you.”-W*  *choking back laughter/a smile “We don’t throw toys”-Me

Anytime daddy leaves “No!  Daddy!  See daddy ‘gain.”  *motions for you to pick her up so she can look out the window at her father.

These are just a few cases of what I treasure day-to-day.  They are many and far more than I’ve recounted here.  It is important we do these things.

Thank God I was holding her hand yesterday.  As we ascended a flight of stairs to our friend’s house, the railing Willow was holding onto gave way and fell to the ground below, some 15 feet below.  Her head hit the side of the next railing as the weight shifted and almost would have brought her down too had I not been holding her hand.  There wasn’t a backing the the stair so I held her hand.  She is very good at stairs and had there been a back, I would have let her go up herself.  Thankfully, there wasn’t a back so I was holding her hand and I was able to pull her up before there was a worse situation.  My heart stopped briefly, I’m sure.  Tears well up in my eyes as I recall and retell the incident.

A friend’s son (who was also a friend) passed away at 17.  Life is but a mere breath.  I could have lost her.  Thankfully, by the incredible protection and grace of God, I didn’t.  The situation could have been much worse.

These scenarios press upon you the importance of treasuring each day with the ones you love.  Cases like this teach you to let go of frustrations or conflicts.  They truly don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.  These instances teach you to hold the good, the bad, the ugly, and the funny tales close to your heart.  Recount them often.  Find blessing in the repetitive, day-to-day activities/interactions.  Enjoy every breath.

Let every breath that has breath praise the Lord.  In the same way Mary treasured Jesus’ growth in her heart, may I do the same. In doing so, may we glorify the Lord.



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