Pursed Praise

Sirens wailed.

Flashes of light,

while you were welcomed to the King of Light.

A community stunned,

breathless because yours stopped too soon.

We are left to make sense of this.


In a bleary eyed stupor we must persist.

We must usher praise, even if it is stuttered,


There has to be a reason and we must trust that love wins,

death is defeated.

If not, we’ll remain prisoners to grief,

slaves to bitterness, growing cold and isolated.

In Christ, united we stand

as you, now with angels sing

praises to Jehovah Rapha.

(Jehovah Rapha-the God who heals)

This is a tribute to a dear life recently lost, Dominick Cecere.  I did ministry with Dom when he was 12.  We set up the Preschool wing together.  He was only 17 when God called him home this past Monday.  I’m still trying to make sense of it.  My heart is incredibly grieved.  This death, a friend in the hospital who isn’t doing well, and some financial duress is leaving me calloused and hurt.  I’m trying to press into God.  I’m telling my soul that I will yet praise God.  I know that this isn’t the end.  This can’t be it.  There is something greater and because of Christ, we can be confident that there is victory over death and the mundane, difficult things of this earth.  Rest in Peace sweet Dominick.  Our hearts are grieved, but we rejoice because we know the life you lived for Christ will be etched forever on the tablets of these hearts left behind.


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