Christmas Calendars: Innocent Inquiry


The door creaks.  My toddler holds her breath as her fingers fumble in the space, reaching for the figurines, those which commemorate the greatest treasure.  After a few moments of staring, she sets the magnet on the board.  She looks at the scene then at us, “Jesus?”  Oh dear child, if only you understood how provocative your question is and was.

It gives me delight to know how anxiously you await him, the promise of hope, peace, joy, and love for all eternity, for those who want to trust him.  We all are in this waiting, our Emmanuel who came, who is through the Holy Spirit, and is to come in Justice.  You ask it simply, but it is a heavy question.  A question that man has accepted and rejected throughout the ages.

There wasn’t room at the inn for him.  Now we ask ourselves if there is room for him in our hearts.  Will we let the light penetrate the darkness that consumes us?  Will the star lead us to him or will the obsession of self make us desire stars of fandom?  Will we prepare for him, anxiously waiting with excitement, or will we grow weary in society’s preparations of materialism and self-aggrandizement?

In some areas, it was, is, and will be a dangerous question to ask.

Herod hunted him.

Pharisees & Paul persecuted professors.

ISIS isolates infidels.

The world wants him and needs him, even if pride distracts us from confessing such.  My eyes grow moist with tears.  I pray you’ll always ask for him expectantly; desire him even when you receive criticism or mockery.  Here is Emmanuel and he delivers you!  So ask child; ask him to come, celebrate him having come, ransoming us from the captivity of sin.  Oh please, keep probing, diving deeper into his immeasurable love.  Please adopt him as your Lord & Savior as he has adopted you as a child of God when you confess your surrender.  That’s what I pray this Christmas and all Christmases.  I can’t give you any gift as great as a poor babe laying in a manger, a compassionate man crucified, and a risen, reigning King.

Ask him anything, or ask me anything about him, you’d like.


I pray I am equipped enough to answer satisfactorily.  Always and forever though, even when doubt plagues you, please continue asking for him, for JESUS to be in the scene, your scene.


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