Creative Thoughts: Projected Thoughts of Biblical Characters: Dragon


Lurking, looming

I anxiously await the babe.

News of the virgin’s birth swept through my cave

and out I came, ready to conquer the nave.

I deceived the first of his creation with the ripest of fruits

and I’ll take this virgin’s first-fruit too.

My deceit succeeded once and now I hold his people captive,

my plan’s adaptive,

I wish to burn all their souls to ashes,

whipping guilt through legalism’s lashes.

This King will not usher peace.

His love will not win.

When he crowns, I’ll usurp his throne.

Oh wait, I hear her moan.

Now I find the boy resting in hay.

Yet I can not touch the treasure today,

Angels have protection lay

and offensively kept me at bay.

They enshroud this Prince of Peace.

I’ll devise a different plan,

One through Herod’s clan.

A decree will he utter

to cause mankind to shudder

as Israel’s children are laid asunder.

Time toils on

and he’s gone,

impaled on a cross.

A brief sigh as I shake off my assumed dross.

I’ve won!

But wait, third day’s light dawns!

I’m thrown to earth

through his birth,

and in turn death’s acceptance

to one day rise and ascend.

In such,

I’m toppled from my dominion, hell’s holy haven.

Now I lurk, looming,

devouring fools sin graven.

Yet in heaven he has won.

He stands to rule them all

if only in repentance they call,

and sadly,

He’ll redeem the Fall.




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