A Little Preoccupied

I would like to apologize to all of my followers.  It has been a while since I’ve posted.  On August 3, we welcomed another daughter into the world.  I’m trying to navigate how to not be overwhelmed parenting two under two.

Here is a quick summary of a major insight:

God’s grace is sufficient.

My husband decided to start his own company when he was laid off in March 2016.  It has been quite the journey.  Thankfully, he has also decided to subcontract for previous employers so these bosses have helped us when my husband’s clientele has been minimal.  This past week these bosses have not had work for Frank, my husband.  He had work three days last week, two of which my in-laws were working and didn’t watch my toddler.  I am/was stressed.

Sadly, I had some depression with my first daughter.  I noticed myself getting anxious when by myself with both girls. I am trying to figure out how to manage this new life transition and feel like I’m sinking when my husband isn’t around.  To make the transition smoother, God basically gave my husband the opportunity to write quotes (work from home) and not have to work outside the home this week.

Yes, it is financially more difficult.  Individuals in other countries live on much less.  Hubby and I have talked frequently about budgeting and having one of us stay home with our children, even if only part time.  If we are able to live off of 60% of my salary because we have no other option for a few months, then surely we would be able to get by with one of us working part time and the other working full time.  God is showing us that we can possibly make this work; if we do our part in budgeting properly, we can pursue this dream.  Also, God is ensuring my emotional stability during a difficult transition.

God is good.  His grace is sufficient.  He grants rest to the weary.

Speaking of weary, I need to sleep.  Goodnight.  Please grant me grace as I navigate this transition.  I’d like to post often, but during this season it might be sporadic.


God bless you in whatever storms you are sailing through right now.