Remorse: The Expense of Empty Eulogies

Shifting shadows.

These mere memory wisps

forgotten through clouds

of self-absorption and discrimination.

A people veiled to Western compassion

because fear chokes concern.

Here we build walls to keep out a mere possibility of death threats.

Meanwhile, in a world away, the wanderers seeking refuge must face the harsh reality,

tomorrow might never dawn.

We seek to preserve.

I’ve never read words bleeding red which told me to protect and secure.

Instead, I’ve seen these words dripping with calls to sacrifice,

abandoning fear and throwing ourselves into trusting a mother hen;

Wings enshroud all people with peace and welcome,

if only they willingly come.

May we run a race which seeks to unify,

rather than divide and destroy.

As we pace towards righteousness,

in a veil torn,

all will see a peace like no other.

A rich fellowship among brothers and sisters,

who have laid down their lives instead of barricading their flesh

and own self interest, will blossom and in Spirit leading,

the world will be renewed.



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