A “Nice” Rant

Please excuse the venting.  I know it seems that I’ve been doing a lot of complaining.  I have.  Pregnancy hormones and the heat have not mixed well for me as of late.  I know my behavior isn’t Christ-like.  It is ugly.  However, as I continue to remain silent regarding this pet peeve, I notice myself getting increasingly frustrated and callous.  I figured it would be better to bemoan a little here so that I might act more pleasant in reality.  I realize that words are documented forever and this is what I’m remembered for.  Anyways, I’m going to stop apologizing before I even begin.  [Ah the nasty apology habit I need to break.  Apologies are fine in so far as they are legitimate.  I need to stop apologizing for my mere existence and offending people, if it is not intentional.]

Summer began on June 20th.  Most people love summer.  They enjoy trips to the beach, warm, sunny days, and leisure.  I like leisure too.  I don’t mind the beach, but I much prefer the forest or mountains (which is highly influenced by my husband’s discord with water).  I like sunshine, but humidity and high temperatures cause me to become agitated.  I don’t know if it is my heritage, but I sweat, a lot, on hot, humid days.  Perspiration is normal, but I feel like I’m swimming in my own body secretions.  Yeah, disgusting. I know.

[The A/C was the greatest invention for summer.  I am so grateful God made the individual who invented this device.  I could not imagine surviving this summer without it.  I know it is a comfort and not a necessity.  If I didn’t have it, I could get by.  I’m still forever grateful for this device and that it is used commonly in America.  I guess my internal temperature runs higher and so increased temperatures outside cause an imbalance and I’m uncomfortable in the heat.]

Why am I so bothered with most people’s infatuation with summer?  Well, I have less of a problem with people’s affinity towards summer and more of an issue with people saying, “It is nice outside.”  When did warm, sunny weather equate with character actions?  Why do individuals bemoan rain or snow?  Without precipitation we would have droughts and increased famine.  I know other countries where people are grateful for rain because it means their crops can grow and they can eat.  I guess I’m just a product of a country that seems to never be satisfied.  Many people will discuss their love of summer, but state that yes, it is hot and they need to be close to water in order to be cooled off.

Here is my attempt to state some positives of weather besides warm, sunny days.  (Now I can appreciate the warm, sunny days, mind you.  I want to be grateful for that.  There are benefits to summer too and I’ll be sure to include these too so that when I’m groaning in July as I enter my 9th month of pregnancy, I’ll look back and remind myself of the benefits of this season.)


(At least on the East Coast)  Changing leaf colors, painting skylines in hues of orange, red, and yellow.

Crisp morning air

Fall flavors—the best season for food.  Pumpkin is incorporated into so many dishes and well, pumpkin is delicious.  (At least in my opinion.)

Jumping in leaf piles.

Vegetable picking.


Thanksgiving—an enjoyable feast (for Americans anyways).


Snow angels, igloos, and forts

Fires (in wood stoves or fireplaces)

Venison (mmm….deer, all natural meat from hunters)

Winter vegetables.

The Holidays- lights, giving, and fellowship

Night skies with the stars (better viewing/more constellations in winter than in summer)

Sweaters, scarves, and hats

Ice skating

Skiing and snowboarding


Creatures stirring (arising from hibernation)

Flowers blooming

Birds chirping (Thankfully I’ve grown grateful for the morning bird sounds.  As a teenager, I would grumble because they woke me up.  Now I’m just grateful if I hear a bird chirp before my precious, but early rising baby screams.)

Easter celebrations (Oh how Great is our God that he would die for us.  We get to remember his resurrection.  Lent is also a time of reflection and repentance.  This is one of my favorite holidays and periods of spiritual study.)

Trees greenery

Rain (Jumping in puddles and mud-sliding)

SUMMER (My least favorite season, but I can still be grateful for it.  I need to be.)

Campfires and s’mores

Beach trips

BBQs and fruit

longer daylight hours

peels of laughter permeating thick air as children run around playing

Drive-In Movie Theatres

The curiosity of many kids towards insects

Vitamin D

Swimming (Now this is one of the times I get frustrated.  We want to discuss modesty and yet so many people are scantily clad during this time.)



As you can see, there are many benefits to all seasons.  We just have to search for them.  May we seek gratitude and be thankful rather than criticize and complain.  Let us fight our human inclinations to find problems with every pain, things which aren’t immediately satisfying, or don’t conform to our ideas of happiness.  May we stop arguing with people where opinion and personal preference is perfectly acceptable.

Also, may we realize that without dissatisfaction, we would never understand things which please us.  There is also an importance for rain and snow.  Without precipitation, crops wouldn’t grow.  We’d have famines.  Without rain, we’d have more forest fires.  Homes and lives would be destroyed.  You can’t have the benefits of sun without the benefits of rain or snow.  Each season is “nice”.  Every season affords opportunities for learning and growth.  May we learn to appreciate all weather patterns and reduce our grumbling.  Let kids play and learn in all seasons (not just outside in summer and in front of screens when it is colder).  [I understand there are times when it is dangerous for children (and even adults) to play outside due to wind chills and ice.  However, even summer has times where it is unsafe for people to be outside for long periods because they could experience heat stroke or be burned severely without prior precautions.]

I pray we’d all have hearts of gratitude, myself included.  Won’t you join me and stop the flippant use of “nice” towards weather seasons?  Please do.



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