Alligators and Gorillas

Mothers mortified.

One bereft, her toddler taken and dead by snapping jaws.

Another receives accusations of negligence while holding her frightened boy.

The world posts,

criticizing venues and parental monitoring.

Everyone becomes an expert.

“If it was me, this wouldn’t have happened.  I’d watch my child better.”

Yet we stand aloof, unable to place ourselves in the circumstance

because in honesty, we weren’t there.

Children run in the blink of an eye.

You can wrap your kids, shelter them, and still in an instant, lose them.

We can grieve the loss of ancient creatures too,

but a rally to persecute a woman whose son lived, all because he jumped (she didn’t push),

is a sad affair indeed.

Most mothers and fathers fumble in a dark uncertainty,

attempting to do their best,

never intentionally meaning their children harm.

Instead of reckless words, tearing down already broken parents,

may we extend the grace we’d hope others would extend to us when we make mistakes, miss a quick infraction by our child, or worse yet, grieve the loss of our beloved child.



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