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I follow parenting blogs.  It is just the nature of a blogger, a parent blogger myself.  Through one of the most popular blogs- I have discovered a few guest dad bloggers.  I’ve only found a couple so far, but the ones I have found I’ve enjoyed immensely.

Dad bloggers seem to take parenthood with a grain of salt.  I don’t mean this in a condescending manner.  Moms just seem to have this wonderful sisterhood that is wrought with competition.  We are always trying to prove we are better moms, better wives, better people.  I guess this is one of the reasons why I gravitate towards hanging with men and now their blogs.  Guys laugh at stupid stuff, things women find immature.  Most guys I know, at least fathers, look to their fellow dad audience with confused glances and shrugged shoulders.  They understand each is trying to do their best.  These men aren’t afraid of admitting how they are disappointing their wives and messing up parenthood.  They take it in good natured stride.

I know I can learn a few lessons from these dudes.  I wonder if other women want to as well.

My husband is an incredible father.  He notices the silly things our daughter does and snaps photos like I do.  She is his little darling.  He adores her.  There are fewer precious moments than watching a father and daughter bond.  Each parent-child bond is unique and special.  They are fun to watch.  Each has its valleys and mountains.

In all of the parenting navigation, highs and lows, my husband is laid-back.  He seems to be doing better at this parenting thing because he doesn’t let as much bother him.  He doesn’t fret the way I do.  Maybe I can chuck it up to mother’s intuition and I’ll know my daughters cries more specifically, but he seems more relaxed than I do.  (Frank does help out, FYI.)  He is normally more chill than I am, but gah, he seems to have mastered this wonderful art of relaxing even when it is chaotic.  (Is my self-deprecation harming matters…am I laughing at myself or just heaping more guilt on myself?  I need to learn to laugh at myself without being too serious.)

I’ve noticed a similar trend of stress-free, but admittedly frustrated, parenting threads in dad blogging.  These dads aren’t afraid to confess that this parenting thing is hard.  They are doing their best and laughing along the way.  Laughter is the best medicine.

I want to admit my failures, laugh at my bloopers, and encourage my sisters in this messy parenting adventure.  Perhaps we would do well to take note from dads and dad bloggers.  Yes, some guys are dead beats, but not all are.  Most dudes are just dumbfounded why we women get so worked up.  I know my husband is.  My husband is a great dad and husband.  He is just horribly confused when I let the petty, minor things worry me.  Perhaps if we are more willing to laugh at ourselves rather than sludge through the guilt of mistakes (once we confess they are mistakes) then mommy wars will lessen.  We can be the sisterhood we claim to promote.  I want to strive for this.  Will you help me?

Dad bloggers, I’m taking notes.  Thanks for your refreshing, humorous, and insightful perspectives on parenting.

If you care to be amused, enlightened, and have anecdotal reading for your day, check out and

Hopefully you’ll enjoy these musings as much as I do.



2 Replies to “Daddy Bloggers”

  1. If you haven’t already, you need to check out this mom-blog:

    She is all the things you are saying, funny, supportive of other moms, laughs at herself, it’s amazing. I’m not a mom but I LOVE this blog regardless of how it’s often parenthood-related. She’s definitely one of my favorites and by far, the funniest blog I have on my regular reading list. She’s inspiring in the way she’s creating a sisterhood too. It’s definitely a parenting attitude I aspire to if/when the time comes.

    1. Thanks Jamie! I’ll check her out. 🙂

      I didn’t state it in here, but I also like the dad bloggers because I think it gives me some insight into what Frank might be thinking.

      I look forward to reading Beth’s site.

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