Let the Children Come to Him


A friend recently posted the above article.  You should definitely read it.

I’ve always felt an inclination to adopt.  I have so much love to give and I see hurting, aching children everywhere.  I see children wanting the loving embrace of a mother, a father.  It didn’t matter to me where I should adopt, just that I wanted to.

Then I started watching documentaries.

It’s a Girl is a documentary about the injustice women are facing in India and China.  Little girls go unwanted.  Boys are preferred.  Perhaps it is one of the reasons I’m against abortion.  In fact, it is illegal to do an ultrasound in these countries to determine gender. [Unlike America which feels a need to “plan” the lives of its children even before birth.  There girls are lucky to even have a life.]  Gender reveal ultrasounds are illegal because they are often used as a means to determine whether or not the couple wants the baby.  If it is a girl, families will opt for abortion.  It is genocide in its rawest form.  Eugenics.  However, with a shortage of girls, families soon realize that in order to continue procreating their sons need wives.  Kidnapping is high as parents without girls will steal little women to be their son’s future bride.  It is appalling.  It made me want to adopt specifically from India or China.  Perhaps I could rescue even one little girl from this life of rejection.

After It’s A Girl, I watched the documentary STUCK.  This documentary discusses the length and cost of the adoption process.  I was mortified.  Why is it so expensive to adopt and why does it take so long?  There are millions of couples who want to adopt, either to add to existing children or because they can’t have children themselves.  We state the errors of the foster care system and yet it takes years for a kid to be removed from the system since adoption processes are so long and the cost so high.

At this stage, we can’t afford to adopt, to my chagrin.  We could foster children which might result in adoption and that is the cost-free option.  Although I know myself.  If I had a child in my care, that I considered my child, I would be devastated when he or she is potentially removed from my home.  I would like to consider foster care, but I don’t know if I’m strong enough for such an undertaking.  If we don’t foster, adoption is too expensive for us right now.

Why is it so costly?

Loving a child is costly enough, why must we put such a high price on giving the familial bond?  I know we have to be careful to not place a child too quickly, lest they are met with greater harm. How might we expedite the process to get children into the arms of the parents who have prayed for them and want them so desperately?  I wish I had the answers.  I wish I studied this more.

In God I’ll trust and wish no more. Wishes don’t make dreams come true. Wishes can’t protect a generation wanting affection.  God can do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine.  Let the children come to him and hopefully, one day, at least one, wherever in the world, into our little community, our budding family.


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