The Weirdest Pregnancy Craving for an American

Some facts about food intake and pregnancy:

1.)  You need roughly 300 more calories consumed each day;  if you are nursing, you need roughly 500 more calories/day.  When you combine the two because you are nursing one child and pregnant with another, you need a massive amount of calories.

2.)  It is best to consume around 60 g of protein/day.  This helps build the proper amino acids in your child for growth, health, and intelligence.  This protein consumption also helps with reducing fatigue in the pregnant woman.

Americans consume a highly processed, often high sugar, diet.  This diet leaves us bloated, diseased, and tired.  High sugar consumption has also been linked to behavioral disorders and mood disorders.  [I should really insert links to evidence based articles.  Search on Google.  I ate too much sugar and/or carbohydrates today.  I’m tired.]

Third world countries use available resources for food.  Individuals are often not picky, but will use whatever is readily available.

There are over 6000 insect species on the earth.  Insects are high in protein and could help, notice I did not say solve, reduce world hunger.  It doesn’t cost very much to spice and bag insects.  Plus, insects are EVERYWHERE!  Just this morning I saw a cave cricket. Our home is having a problem with ant manifestation.  Spiders are the bane of my existence.  Summer is fast encroaching and with it, the rise of insect life.

In early March 2016, my family and I went to New Orleans.  While there, we were told we should visit the Insectarium and Butterfly Garden.  Now, I felt like I could see an insect museum anywhere so why should I go in a city I hadn’t been to before?  After being told that it was a really good museum and we really should go, we decided to venture over to the expensive establishment.  Unlike the aquarium in New Orleans, the Insectarium and Butterfly Garden were definitely worth the money!  It has been one of my favorite museums to date.  I like museums that are interactive.  I love reading, but I don’t like museums that require me to spend hours perusing plaques.  This museum had the proper balance between plaque reading and interactive displays. Even Willow was enthralled by the museum.

The Insectarium had several displays of insects.  There were dung beetles in a case right by the bathroom.  Frank liked to point out the irony of that exhibit.  (*Giggle*  Sorry, should I be too mature to laugh at potty humor with my husband?  Oh well, we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.)  They also had a touch room/ immersion room that relayed information about insects living underground.  I also decided to be extremely adventurous and visited the insect cafe.  While there, we were offered to taste seasoned insects.  I was skeptical.  However, I am spontaneous and daring.  I tried the dishes available.

Willow even tired some cricket dip (dip not pictured).  She looks disgusted, but was definitely grabbing for more.  We all enjoyed the snacks, Willow and I more than Frank though.

I’m tired today.  I’ve been tired.  I’m not getting enough protein.

Ever since having a southwestern waxworm, I have cravings.  I’m hankering for a quick and easy snack that is high in protein.

That’s right, this American girl could really go for a big bag of southwestern waxworms or a cricket and chocolate chip cookie right now.

I’m grateful for travel which removes me from my comfort zone, causes me to try new things, and I become a better person for it.  However, now I’m left with a craving that isn’t easily satisfied.  Every pregnant woman that has had a craving will surely understand this plight.


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