A letter to my One Year Old: Willow.


Pregnancy: Willow
Willow just born
Just after delivery.
1 mo. close up
One month old.
2 mo giggle
Two months old.
3 mo.
3 mo. old
4 mo. family
4 mo. old
5 mo.
5 mo. old
6 months
6 mo. old
7 mo. willow
7 mo. old
penguin 8 months grass standing
8 mo. old
9 mo.
9 mo. old
10 mo. old
10 mo. old
11 mo 5
11 mo. old
12 mo or 1 YR
12 months/ 1 YEAR OLD!


My darling daughter is one year old today!  I can’t believe how fast time is passing.  Life seemed stagnant.  When she burst forth into this world, life was forever changed.  It is a whirlwind, much like her peaking curiosity that causes her to rummage through every item that crosses her line of sight.  I am changed daily as I adapt to her increasing abilities and molding personality.  I prayed for a child that would be inquisitive, pensive, social, easygoing, and deeply devoted to the Lord.  My little one is exactly what I prayed for.

Oh how beautiful the Lord’s faithfulness is.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!  Mommy loves you.  I might not always express this love in a tangible way.  Some days I’ll get frustrated, to my chagrin.  Some days I might seem too busy when I really should stop and enjoy the moment.  I will be too much and not enough.  Pray for me dear one.  Please pray God equips me to parent you the way you need, but more importantly, the way he would have me instruct you.  May he reign in our family more than you or me.

In the same manner, I’ll pray too.

I pray I won’t be too self-occupied, but that I won’t let you consume me either.

You are a beautiful girl, but vanity is not befitting of any individual.  Also, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Your aesthetic appearance is not the only thing that matters, no matter how hard an emphasis American society places on the importance of the body.  You have a soul, even when the world will tell you that you are merely a bundle of cells.  Nurture your mind.  Find your passions and be willing to tell me what they are. Do not let me force my preferences upon you.  Be assertive, but not aggressive.  Dance to the beat of your own drum, so long as it is tuned with God’s; I know you love to dance already. Be inquisitive.  Be pure, not just with your body, but with your mind and interactions with others.  In other words, be compassionate, humble, and observant.  Do not let this world deceive you.  You are a beloved daughter, not just mine, but God’s.  No one, no NOT ANYONE, can ever impact the world the way you can.  You are valuable.  You have been given gifts and talents from God that only you can use to influence, in the manner he has equipped you to do so, the world around you.  Go forth my child, be blessed and I’ll continue praying for our interaction and your path.  I love you dearest one.


Thank you for entrusting your sweet daughter to me.  She has been a wondrous and joyful addition to our family.  Life is much more fulfilling with her in it.  I appreciate the opportunity to watch her learn, it ignites a fresh curiosity in me.  I pray she would grow evermore in your likeness.  Please train me in your way that I might instruct her as you would have me lead her.  Increase my patience.  Let me enjoy these fleeting moments with her.  Grant us and her father a long life that we might reveal in the days with each other, entrusting each day to you and glorifying you in them.  I pray she learn to be empowered, but not in a haughty fashion.  May she have a great self-confidence, but not to the extent of vanity.  I pray she is assertive, but not prideful.  I pray she is bold for the cause of Christ, but never coercive or judgemental.  Please help her to think critically and analytically, but do not let reason and logic snuff out her creativity or playfulness.  Please mold me into a woman of God that she might want to emulate those characteristics which bring you great delight.  Help me not be easily inclined to anger.  May I not be crass, vulgar, rude, or disparaging.  Help me to be positive and encouraging, appreciating each breath you grant me.  I pray she would see a strong, independent woman who is at the same time altruistic, even to family and friends.  Most importantly, I pray she would see me being deeply devoted to you.  In turn, I pray that in that observance she would commit her ways to your will when, and I deeply hope within your will, she reaches an age where faith becomes a matter of her own decision.  Guide us in the way everlasting.  Help us to be a legacy, a generation deeply devoted to you, a lineage that has your mark upon our lives.  To you, oh Christ, be all praise as we trust in the resurrection power.


An ever questioning, helpless mother


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