Animals and Kids

Sometimes parents get offended when individuals without kids will compare owning pets to having kids.  While there are differences, certainly, I am here to say that I am not one of those offended parents.  I will unabashedly admit that my infant daughter and dog are very much alike.  If you are considering becoming a parent, but aren’t quite sure if you are ready, a pet is a great way to test the parental waters.

1.) They are needy: from bathroom breaks to feedings, animals and babies depend on you for EVERYTHING.

2.) Speaking of everything, it all winds up in their mouths.

3.) A diaper or in nature, you have to clean up their mess.

4.) They beg.  If you have it, they want it.  A whimper or tantrum, they’ll let you know they are frustrated if you don’t give them what you want.

5.) Tell them not to do something and that is exactly what they want to do.

6.) Some love baths and others hate them.  Either way, a bath will be necessary because they always get dirty (see number 5 for example).

7.) They will wake you in the middle of the night.  You often wonder why they feign sleep.  Are you the only one who enjoys rest?  It feels that way in my house…except my husband likes sleep to and he can sleep through all the chaos.  *I might be a little resentful here*

8.) When they are excited they might pee, jump up and down, shriek, or any variety of actions to express their giddiness.

9.) At some point, they will want a cuddle, even if it is brief.  You are loved, even if it feels like you are a slave to your master infant/pet.

10.) While love is occasionally conditional, they do love you because they know you care for them.  That love is one of the greatest feelings in the world, even if that means they are tugging on you, nipping your heels, or sitting on you when you want to be left alone.

Just a little lighthearted comparison.  We bought Willow a dog companion as her one of her Christmas presents (not planned, just spontaneous on one of our “free zoo (aka Petsmart)” trips).  The dog we purchased is a 10 year old lab mix named Mitzie.  They are both fun to watch and see their interaction.  Willow is much more enthralled by Mitzie, but the more Willow drops food, Mitzie will learn that Willow should be her best friend.  Enjoy your children and/or pets this season and always.




2 Replies to “Animals and Kids”

  1. I love this because I compare Olive Oil to my friends’ children ALL the time. Luckily most of my friends, including you, do not get offended. Laura and I had many laughs about this, especially when Caleb was first born!

  2. I have a friend who does get offended and at one point I told her that I sympathized with her (before having my own). Then I had a kid and thought, no babies and animals are very much alike! Olive Oil is a family member and a great way to practice parenthood and see if you guys do want to have kids one day. (If anything, at least she’ll prepare you for if your friends pass and you wind up with all their kids because they made you the guardians. You are well liked and at least you know that friends watching you with Olive Oil and you and Chad as a couple makes them trust you with their kids, myself included. 🙂 )

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