Breaking and Entering

Candles dripped wax on the sill

as children readied for bed.

After baths were completed and feet tucked in,

the light was snuffed and a quiet stillness enveloped the home.

Frosted windowpanes glistened in the silent night.

A blanket of snow snuggled the countryside to sleep.

All was calm.

The picturesque scene went disturbed.

A big black boot stomped through the white thicket,

the breath of its owner huffing and puffing.

Climbing over fences and up the rooftops

he dropped through the chimney,

the front door would be too suspicious.

Sneaking across creaking floorboards

he opened the cupboards and cold chest.

He munched on freshly baked cookies

and a glass of iced milk.

He went up the stairs and peered at the children,

the good little children.

Then he turned out the door and squeezed up the chimney again.

A week later, a girl in her fright told the police the man had a beard, hair like wool, and a fuzzy red coat as he watched her at night.

The officer said, “It’s okay little girl, in any other scenario we’d search for the guy and arrest him, but you see,  you need not be afraid of a large, jolly man who likes children sitting on his lap and ensuring your goodness, sneaking into your home as you slumber.  This is Santa!  He’s a magical wonder and you should be excited for his visit. He gives you what you’ve dreamed about!  However, he only gives until your parents grow weary of spending and want to be thrifty. Then you’ll find out it was really just mom or dad sneaking around the house for an excuse to not diet and partake in a midnight snack.  Want a cookie?”

Aside: CVS recently had theft.  We live right behind CVS.  A person found one of our neighbor’s CVS cards.  Please pray for safety against people legitimately breaking into our home.  (It hasn’t happened yet, so please pray it won’t.)



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