Advent Reflections: Hope

Scriptures I’ve read recently and have truly resonated and as such, delighted, my heart:  Matt. 18:2-5, Ex. 14:14, Hab. 2:20

Eyes glisten with joy

at the  bell sounds ring.

Arms flail with glee,

trying to grasp the jingling ball.

Then a shimmer catches your sight and a

Smile adorns your cheerful face

for lights glimmering in the darkening dusk.


Observing you I wonder

if I could just be still.

Can I, rather than in angst and flurry purchasing unnecessary trinkets,

set aside time to be in awe at the sounds, scents, and illuminations awarded to humanity during a season of expectation reflection?

Might I, by quieting this restless soul, finally appreciate the hope of a God who came to dwell with man? Oh, our Emmanuel!

Can I, by watching you, finally be inclined t0 richer faith? Can I have a faith which rises with awe even in the mundane, everyday monotony?

Watching you, I just might understand this time

and finally grasp that child-like faith which grants authentic hope in salvation everlasting from the God who came to die, if only I be still.


If you are looking for a fuller experience this Advent season, check out a link a friend shared:

Willow helps me pause and reflect on finding excitement and newness in routine.

If you don’t have kids to watch and be renewed with amazement at God’s creation or want to supplement observing a child’s wonder like me, check out this advent project.




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