Promoting my better half

I haven’t really figured out what I excel at.  I enjoy parenting and writing, but I can’t ever truly master parenting and I’m a novice writer at best.  Perhaps that is a bit self-depricating, but I was always told to be “successful” (the American “dream” of owning a home, getting married, having kids).  I wasn’t told to follow my dreams.  Yes, part of my dream entailed getting married and having kids, but I have passions too.  I wish my income was linked to my passions, not a means to an end.

In this respect, I have a passion to encourage my husband and his skills.  My husband, Frank, is a talented carpenter.  He talks frequently about venturing out on his own or going to college to be a civil engineer.  Most of the time, he’s pretty content to keep doing what he is doing though.  Right now, he has a great boss (Jon Van Nest; if you are looking for carpentry work in the Califon area, contact him and his crew) with a decent salary.  Since Frank finally has a wonderful job (doing carpentry, getting proper wages, and work is consistent), he has little motivation to do outside work or education.  Even with his reasonable salary, I still have to work.

The long term plan is that I will stay home with Willow, our daughter, and homeschool her.  As such, Frank’s pay would have to be sufficient to cover our bills and even though work is generally consistent, Frank doesn’t have vacation time and work can be sporadic in the winter months.  My ultimate dream for us as a family is to own a mobile carpentry business.  We would network and through that networking, travel to individuals in need of home repairs at a reasonable or even discounted rate.  We would need enough money for food on our table, our home (tiny mobile house), clothes, periodic haircuts, fuel, and mutual funds (which would be used for retirement and Willow’s college fund).

Enter me, the boisterous, energetic, dreamer; Frank’s wife.  Frank has to be cautious when he mentions a dream briefly.  I am forever the dreamer.  I am motivated just enough to get something started.  I am easily distracted by dreams.  I tend to start a project and get excited than lose interest and the vicious cycle continues.  Frank is really great at completing projects, but not so great at starting them.  We complement each other very well here.  (Here’s praying God melded these traits together in Willow; so far it seems to be this way because she is calm, calculating, but personable and energetic.)

Anyways, to assist my husband with getting his business started, which could help me stay home and/or pay for his education until the ARMY reimburses Frank, I have started monopolizing on social media access to set up marketing for his carpentry business. Here is praying and hoping his business, ICE BOX CONSTRUCTION (his name choice for the company), grows and enables us to glorify God and achieve the opportunity for me to be a stay at home mom, perhaps flourishing my writing career on the side.

You can follow Frank at, @ICEBOXCONSTRUCT on twitter, and through his work page on Facebook.


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