Be Still and Worship

I love being a wife, a mother.

First and foremost, I am a daughter; daughter of the Most High King.

My heart yearns to still in you.

A child’s distant cries peel my attention.

The needs of another divert my worship,

but am I not wholly surrendering when I, to my family, in service bow?

Paul said it would be easier to roam and seek God without familial obligations.


How much more am I fulfilled for knowing them though?

Through parenthood and devotion as a spouse, I have encountered God in ways I might never known

and maybe I’m becoming more Christ-like in the only way I could have been and that comes with baby babble and a husband’s passion-filled requests.

So I’ll begrudgingly turn off the worship songs but gladly lend my worship to serving them, the two individuals who make my heavy heart light and life enjoyable.

I’ll run for them, trying to be still in God’s grace to accomplish the sacrificial way.


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