Red Cup of Truth

Sex-stained satin sheets hide the shamed children,

shoved in closets and basements,

toys for a master’s play.

Sand soaks the blood of beheaded faithfuls

as the tyranny of throne thirsty scoundrels continues to reign.

In the corner, a bruised woman shudders

as the drunken rage of her husband unleashes its fury.

A sweat stained boy hunches over the crops

at less than the cent he is worth.

In contrasted hues stands a girl with cherry lipstick, white tailored dress, and blue plastered nails.  She calmly blows to cool the steam of her murky, liquid addiction all while grumbling at the cup’s festive absence.

A chalice filled with the scorned Savior’s blood pours forgiveness on her ignorance and freedom to those in the bondage she cares to neglect.  The gracious cup of salvation is offered to all who turn to plead for his cover.  This cup grants hope, mercy, and truth.

All innocent lives split across the land receive a righteous reward when faithfulness directs their lips to embrace the red cup of God’s beckoning and accept the Savior’s sacrifice.

*Let’s remember what is important and the privilege we have in this country to possess disdain over a petty paper cup that tomorrow will lay waste in the consumer’s debris.*


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