Unto the Lord

Oct. 18th.

Leaves twirled and specks of snow frolicked in breezy gusts of wind.

A warehouse, warm with conversation and excitement, welcomed the cheerful guests.  That day we celebrated a presentation of a gift before the Lord, the gift of a grinning, giggling daughter.

(We dressed her in “Sunday’s best”-a pure white dress symbolic of blamelessness before a Savior who made her clean by his blood when she repents and turns to him. This is our prayer, that she’d make the choice to trust and follow him.  As such, we asked others to hold us accountable in this goal of Christian rearing.  Just a random thought that passed through my head to validate the outfit…why do I always justify myself…hopefully God rids me of this as I instruct my child and it won’t be a generational tradition.)

God is the giver of all gifts.  We must present our thanksgiving because life is just so fleeting.  We are but a breath and so may we, with each sigh, render praise to God for another moment lived.  Four years we tried in anxious worry to produce this loin fruit.  Now, years later we hold the gift we yearned, prayed, and begged for. It seemed only fitting to set aside a day to celebrate her; knowing we must bequeath her to Christ’s care if we are to have any hope to parent well.

So there we, mother and father, stood with our precious babe in tow.  Standing on the stage, my voice trembled as I, in reverent anxiety, prayed blessings over my darling girl.  An audience’s eyes looked on and laughed, in good conduct, at my flustered praise.

Even when we fumble, with hours of careful preparation, God delights with and in us.  He knew the extroverted daughter he created really shudders with the spotlight.  Thankfully, the guest of honor beamed a radiant smile and took away the focus from the trembling mother.

Then the drum beat to signal the service’s end and the crowd dismissed, wandering leisurely, due more to misdirection than lingering to observe Fall’s canvas, to the outdoor festivities.  A brilliant hostess organized erect a tent in the blistery weather and asked her guests to continue the celebration.  To her surprise, friends and family gathered there, a fellowship around a bonfire and delightful food.

Overall, the mother, though weak and weary, was and is, grateful for the support and encouragement which surrounded her then and daily.  Friends and family rejoiced with the couple as the beloveds requested accountability to raise their daughter in the faith.

The wonder of God’s goodness, community, and providence will never cease to amaze this nomad.  She stands in awe with times like these, speechless, as shocking as that might seem for an extrovert.

It is my prayer that my daughter will have support like this and in it all, give thanks and praise to the one who freely bestows these treasures upon undeserving sinners, forgiven saints.  I merely tend to the needs of the King’s daughter and may I do so with his leading hand, not in my will but his.

Thanks to God above and those who assist me in this insurmountable task.


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