Piecemeal review of a trip…more commentary to come in the future

Silver sails dotted the clear blue skies, paying homage to the city’s coastal vibe.  Ascending white cement stairs, we made our way into the grand entertainment center.  We faced several queues inside as people anxiously awaited ticket purchases.  Renown performances were starting soon.  After a few minutes,  we finally had our entrance paid and could join the audience.

Opera house sails

I sat perched on the edge of my seat, nudging my dozing husband whenever the artist leaped into the air and landed ever so gently on toe point.  The Opera House is a misnomer.  Several other events transpired in this venue.  We saw a ballet.  ballet sydneyThere wasn’t any singing.  The Australian ballet company is heralded as one of the best in the world.  I’m not a dancer so perhaps I shouldn’t critique, but I was certain I saw some dancers fumble and while they didn’t tumble, their landing was less than graceful.  I felt like I had seen amateurs on SYTYCD make fewer mistakes, but perhaps those had been edited out.  I was watching a live performance by one of the most famous ballet companies in the world.  I felt privileged to be watching.  My husband was bored.

After the show ended we called for a ride.  The ride we called for never arrived and security was ushering people away from the theatre.  There are few things my husband and I argue about.  When we are tired and lost in a foreign place at night, we bicker heavily.  That is what happened.  I thought we had a lovely, elegant evening filled with dining and watching a beautiful, albeit not seamless, show.  He was aggravated that he just spent the last few hours trying to combat boredom and confusion.  After a heated conversation, lasting the entire trek back to our hotel, we did resolve our conflict.

If you do decide to venture to Sydney, Australia, make sure you have arrangements for late night transportation ahead of time, especially if you are donning three inch heels and your hotel is more than ten blocks from your entertainment venue.  There are very few taxis in Sydney and usually they travel one way at night.  At least, that is the issue we encountered.  Save the headache and spousal conflict while on vacation.  I think my husband would agree, ensure your transportation needs are filled prior to venturing out for the evening when you visit this ocean-side city.


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