Three Decades as of August 6, 2015

2014-06-21 13.59.08Frank cutting a branch2014-07-19 15.14.54

A quiet, witty man walks in confidence, but humbly.

His hands are eager for service,

be it donning camouflaged dregs for his country,

a bright orange vest for parking the lot at church,

a tool belt for building or fixing other people’s homes,

or a spit stained t-shirt from consoling a restless child.

Each day he performs such assistance without demanding thankfulness.

Sometimes he’s taken for granted; his silence often resulting in being taken advantage of or ignored.

He doesn’t do it for recognition though.  He is living peacefully, wishing to serve God and his neighbor.

Subtly he is showing people how to keep peace as it depends on them, to revere the Creator and respect our brethren, but all with a gentle and brilliant humor that brings joy to those who know him.

It takes a while to break through his shell and witness his amusing, gentle, and generous spirit.

Yet those who have met him at some point within the last three decades have truly been graced with a valuable treasure, beyond any reasonable, marketable price.

Too often I, his beloved, take him for granted.  Sometimes I don’t realize how great I have it.  I reminisce of the past, wishing my path had turned out differently (i.e. not a chemistry major or residing in NJ), but forgetting that all those frustrating moments that didn’t go my way (like settling in a state I dislike rather than traveling) have led to a beautiful union with him.  It is through appeasing my father’s desire to pursue science (he said not to major in humanities because it wouldn’t pay my bills as well…and sadly I trusted money and my dad more than God, but I have been able to pay my dues and other people’s too), reside in NJ, and attend a “if your single than you should be paired up” group that has resulted in being married to this incredible man and producing the most adorable and easy-going, if I do say so myself, child.

Willow 4 months(I mean look at her…how could you not agree?  Alright, I’m a little biased.)


I write this to say that I might not say it enough, but I am forever grateful for your life.  I am thankful that you show me what it means to love others and God in a sincere and humble manner.  I know that each day I spend with you I am made better.  You are noticed, respected, and treasured…even if it isn’t spoken enough.  You are a man of few words though so I know that a simple thanks is all you need and the length of this is far more ‘wordy’ than you would ask for.  I always feel I need to say more though because there aren’t enough words of gratitude to express how much you mean to me and those around you.  There aren’t enough ways to demonstrate or state just how important your life has been and that God made such a great gift when he breathed life into you.  I pray he give you many more years and that I might be fortunate enough to witness them with you as we raise our little girl together with tears, laughter, prayer, and joy.  Thank you for agreeing to take this adventure with me.  I know I’m a bit outspoken, spontaneous, and thrill-seeking and sometimes that frustrates you.  I’m grateful you looked past that though and agreed to this perplexing, wonderful union.  I am fortunate to share life with you.  I am happy to even share the quiet, grounded, and predictable moments I have with you my quiet, witty, humble man.  I need to appreciate how life went because it led me to where I am now: in your strong and loving arms. My fairytale life is far better than anything Disney could have concocted; it is something designed by our great, awe-inspiring God and he always does something better than we wish for ourselves or that others would have for us too.

I love you and I hope you have another 30+ years to impact the world so that God’s kingdom might be on earth as it is in heaven.

Thanks for enduring the length of this and listening to me even when it is a strain to do so.  You put up with so much.  I’m glad you do.  Thanks!

(Grammar might be a little terrible here because last night didn’t afford much restful sleep…but such is the joyous life with a curious little girl.)


One Reply to “Three Decades as of August 6, 2015”

  1. What a lovely tribute to Frank! It brought tears to my eyes because I know how much you love each other and I am one of those lucky people that has been blessed by Frank’s friendship– and his tool belt (and landscaping skills!) Happy Birthday Frank!

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