First Time at the Beach

Sun baked the sand; hot grains burning bare toes.

sand frank and willow footprint

Briskly crossing the dunes, we began to encroach the moistened portion

as the waves beat the shore.

Heavy laden, we dropped our bags in fatigue and set up camp by the water’s cool breeze.

lounging beach 2015

stevealwater 2015

Willow lounge beach 2015

Stripping our outer layers, lathering bodies in lotion, we raced to the foaming, salted water.

The babe’s feet were gently immersed.

Willow Ocean 1st time

Adults anxiously watched her, waiting to see her reaction.

A long second passed and a wail belted through the air, permeating the serenity.

Mother understood the frustrated cry.  The water’s chill rocked the bones.

After wading a while equilibrium was reached.

Older folk were enjoying the water’s briskness.

A few more attempts were made to introduce the little darling to the ocean’s waves, its salted waters splashed her knees.  While Father held her, Mother clapped hands and smiled.

With Mother’s enthusiasm, the little one cocked her head and suppressed the screams.  Instead, the babe quieted cries and twisted her frown into a grim curiosity with each brief submersion of her feet.

Slowly, baby learned that it wasn’t a terrible experience and she might enjoy this as she gets more acquainted with the crashing waves of the salted seas.

Like all beginnings, there is fear in the uncertainty.  However, when we muster the courage to try the adventure, we’ll find joy and excitement in the attempt and a strengthened character by overcoming the struggling fear through prayer and determination.


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