The Travel “Experts”

If you follow my blog, you know that I am deeply interested in travel.  While samples are on the autosampler at work, I sometimes peruse travel deals and dream of my next trip. I’ve listed some sites below from other bloggers you might want to check out, plus another favorite travel website of mine, which I learned about from one of the bloggers listed below.

If you are a travel junkie, check out these other bloggers for tips on budgeting, itineraries, or themes: :

A single mother of three explores all 50 states with her kids, helping them to get hands on education.  Some of the sites she visits are touristy and others are educational so her kids can learn about America’s culture and history.

Since one of my bullets on my bucket list is to visit all 50 states, I use this site as a guide to give me ideas on sites to see when I go visit states I haven’t seen yet.

Matt is famous and has published a few books on budget traveling.  He has great tips on how to save money while traveling.  If you are looking for less touristy ideas and wonderful suggestions on cheaper travel, you should definitely check out this site.  Matt also sends out e-mails, if you sign up for his newsletter, which includes travel coupons/discount websites, challenges where you might win free stuff, and important information about travel in general.

A single, young woman travels throughout the world.  She gives a great female perspective on travel, advising on safety for women traveling solo.  She also records interesting sightings: including people she’s met or places that aren’t very touristy.  If you are looking for travel ideas, especially from a female’s insight, check out this site.  I learned about one of my favorite sites (listed below) from her too.  This site also includes budget travel tips and her off-the-beaten path adventure descriptions.

Think pinterest specifically geared towards travel.  You will meet other travel enthusiasts.  Here you post pictures of your adventures and meet others who like where you’ve been, are interested in going there themselves, or who might want to simply chat about travel in general.  Trover is a fun hub of travel amused folks.  Also, the site frequently has contests where you could potentially win $1500 for a photo you took along your travels.

A day trader instructs individuals on how to invest and day trade so that you can have the freedom to make money anywhere that you might be able to live where you want to, anywhere in the world.  He has been to every continent including Antarctica (the second bullet on my bucket list) and lived in roughly 22 countries.  Marcello is in his late twenties to early thirties.  I visit here occasionally because while I’d like to learn, investing in day trading is risky and it makes me nervous.  He has travel deals as well so it is worth visiting.  He also blogs about budget travel.

A site that assists you as you plan your road trip.  It points out interests based on what you want to see: natural wonders, museums, weird/off-the-beaten path sites.  It is a great tool to use when planning a road trip.

Those are just a few of the sites I visit frequently when looking for ideas on traveling.  At some point, I’ll blog about the travel agency we used for our trip to Australia and NZ and some tours we took.  I’ll also include links and/or thoughts about agencies or tour places we’d (my family) like to try out.  Stay tuned.

Stay traveling that you might broaden your experiences, mind, and the gospel message.


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