A Helping Hand

Things go undone.

Posts are not written.  Laundry isn’t put away. Floors aren’t swept.

The diaper pail fills and the waste is disposed.  Sleepless nights are filled with feedings.

In a bleary eyed state, a request goes out and friends flood to lend assistance.

Then there is the one critic.  They feel accomplished for not asking for help when they had just given birth and insult you for your lack of endurance.  I don’t have to defend my request.  I know my limits and I knew that rest and sleep were what I needed more than a completed chore.  Others could step in and complete those tasks and so I asked. Unabashedly.

Why then do I continue to let this gnaw at my soul?  The accuser speaking through a Christ hater…speaking the refrain, “You are not enough.”

Yet in Christ, I am enough.  Christ is the all in all.

We are a community.  Life is meant to be done together.  We are meant to help one another.  We don’t have to do this alone.  One of America’s biggest problems is that we’ve believed Satan’s lie that we are meant to walk this road alone;  we are to be completely independent and asking for help is weak.  It isn’t.  In fact, the opposite can be even weaker.  This type of “mighty” independence can lead to depression, loneliness, or pride.

I can’t let the jealousy or pride of another define my identity.  Approval addiction is my greatest sin and God is trying to break me free.  He’s putting me in the thick of trust and definition.  I’m not to seclude myself and thus not be subjected to insults.  I am to thank God for those times of mocking because I know that they mocked him too and when I persevere he is glorified.  I am also meant to be in the world (not of, but in) and that comes with conflict, pain, and wrongful assumptions.

I am to lean on the support he has given me when needed and with it, stand firm in Him as I figure out who I am because of Him.


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