The eighth day

In Jewish culture, the eighth day is the day you circumcise your son in obedience to the Abrahamic covenant.  It is also the day you make known the name of your child in the temple.

Since we didn’t know the gender of our precious child prior to delivery, we had a Mohel lined up to perform the ceremony should we have a boy.  It isn’t cheap either, but following God isn’t about worldly efficiency or ease.  Following God’s commands are costly.  Sometimes you will lose friendships over pursuing Christ.  In some parts of the world, and even here in the US if you cross the paths with religious haters, following Christ might cost you your life.  Now circumcision is not commanded by Christ in the New Testament.  Sometimes we can be so tied to ritual as the Pharisees were that we neglect true fellowship with God.  Our decision to circumcise a boy was not out of traditional rites, but rather feeling a deep connection to God through a separation from the normal order of this world.  Liturgy and tradition can become route and stale if you let it, but it can also blossom faith as it pulls forth consciousness of active participation with God’s word and commands.

Anyways, I digressed.  We didn’t have a son.  Instead, God blessed us with the most adorable baby girl, Willow Christine Eisbacher.  (Her picture on the Midwives of NJ Facebook page received 457 likes and 25 comments, several of them commenting on her beauty (which she has inside and out, Frank and I can tell small personality quirks already and man is she funny and smart).  In fact, yesterday I was asked if I was the 4’10” girl who delivered naturally.  I said yes.  I felt like a natural birth celebrity.  I know, weird.  It was pretty neat though.)  Digressing again.  Can I blame Momma brain?  I’m going to…

The meaning behind her name for the 8th day name “ceremony”:  Frank actually picked out the name Willow.  I adored the name once he mentioned it.  My husband, Frank, is a carpenter by trade so it only seems fitting that his daughter would have a tree name.  Trees provide income for our family, our “riches”.  (Well, God provides technically, but I’m sure you get what I mean.)  Our lives are now rich with the fruit of our love.  We couldn’t be more joyful.  (Well, I guess in time we can, but right now despite sleep deprivation and hormonal swings, we are full of immense joy.)

Willow is a tree name.  Trees have roots.  Christine means Christ follower or Christian.  Our prayer, if we had a girl, was that she would be rooted in Christ all of her days, seeking the Lord and trusting him at all times.  Eight days ago, we welcomed our precious little girl into this world.  It is interesting that I had no idea whether we were having a boy or a girl.  However, sometimes when I prayed and opened the Bible, I would find verses that struck me as befitting an anointing verse to pray over our little girl.  I never found verses I thought would fit Gavriel Bede (God is my might through prayer).

So Willow, we pray you’d be strengthened in Christ.  Be a child of the light. May your foundation be rooted in gospel truth and your love for God flourish daily.  1Chron. 16:11.  (I have other verses too but my journal isn’t right in front of me.)

Well, Willow is starting to stir.  I need to use the restroom and then feed her.  (Too much detail?  I recently pushed a child from my body…discretion isn’t really my strongest suit right now…not that it was before either, but now I don’t feel the need to apologize for it.)


One Reply to “The eighth day”

  1. That’s so beautiful that you’re sharing the meaning of her name like this on the eighth day. So lovely! I can’t wait to meet her! I wasn’t feeling good for a few days right when she was born, and now I’m right in the thick of my busiest time of year at work, but we will make time VERY soon!

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