The Milking Community

Last night, as we meditated what being grafted in community by the Holy Spirit meant, at the Lenten series, a poem came to mind.  This is what I wrote:

Drink the love in eternity’s goblet.

Christ’s table prepared for the repentant heart and that which is bathed in purified grace.

Thus in this feast may we become one for the glory of God.

God’s justice is unifying.  He calls people to community.

This month is women’s history month.  As a woman, I belong to a special sisterhood.  Women are strong.  We have a tendency to be more empathetic and responsive to emotional plights then men.  We are tender beings, but fierce when the need to protect that which we love arises.  May our deepest desire be to serve and love the Lord and in extension, his people.  In doing so, we can change the world, one heart at a time.  We can be instruments of peace and empowerment, if we, rather than peddle in jealousy, let the Holy Spirit’s unifying grace move us to seek another individual’s greater good and care for them as God has gifted us to do so.

I am grateful for the sisters who have been gifted with hospitality and service lately.  Some people try to frighten me with stories of insufficient milk and the inadequacy of my body, since it be little, to provide the ability to deliver my child, let alone provide nourishment for my baby.  I need not fear though.  If the need arises, I have a friend who has offered up assistance.  She will nurse my baby if need be.  We are a sisterhood of mothers.  There isn’t anything grotesque or sexual about her meeting the food demands of my infant should I not be able to fulfill them.  It was a practice of ancient times, discarded in recent days due to money mongrels in the marketing schemes of formula companies.  Breast milk is not the same as formula.  Formula falls short of providing the same nutrients as breast milk.  However, little by little, in assisting a sister in need, we can fight for justice of how women’s bodies are portrayed in this society—as strong, able, and incredible rather than weak and feeble.  If we stand united as the Spirit leads, we will be promoting justice as God intended—unity by standing together in community all for his glory.


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