Marching for Justice

It is March already.  This is the month we expect to meet Peanut.  I’m filled with excitement, joy, and anxiety.  Since we are expecting a child this month, Frank and I decided to focus our theme of justice on women, birth, and children.

It turns out that this month is also women’s history month.  (I found this out while reading my Book of Common Prayer by Shane Claiborne.)

Just a few notes regarding some current injustices in regards to women:

In India many bathrooms are outside and are not in homes.  As such, women of lower castes are frequently raped by higher caste men.

Baby girls in India and China are often deserted or aborted because parents prefer boys.  Watch the documentary It’s A Girl.

Scotland recently outlawed public breastfeeding.  (Seriously, boobs are a healthy, primary food source for infants more than they are meant for sexuality.)

There are no birth centers in NJ.

Often, even in churches, women are viewed as needing a male in her life to achieve lofty goals.

Women are paid less than men in most companies.

The USA’s constant focus on beauty and weight has resulted in an absurd rise of eating disorders—anorexia, bulimia, and obesity.

In many areas a woman is forced to have a hospital birth.  Several women are told daily by OB-GYNs that they are insufficient.  They need to rely on doctors and medicine in order to cope with labor.  Women are told they can’t push out a baby.

These are just a few items that have broken my heart lately.  I’m looking for organizations that raise awareness of these issues.  I’ve been praying for these issues and want to be extremely focused on them during this season.

May we strive to empower women today and for future generations.


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