Trimming the Fat

Mardi Gras—Fat Tuesday.

The way we celebrate the brink of Lent seems absurd.  Streets are filled with drunks, not the ones drinking up words, but with feet stumbling towards greater intoxication and a lust for more sin.  Women disregard integrity and dignity while flashing their bead laden breasts at cameras.  Strangers lock lips, forgetting the meaning of intimacy.

In a time where it seems we should be preparing our hearts to assess where we need to repent and how we can seek the Lord more, there appears to be a mindset that thinks this day is a free pass to transgress.  It sadly appears that we think we can indulge the senses and not receive reprieve.  Too often are the words, “I’ll do this and God will forgive me”, spoken.  We have a Savior who forgives, but he also commands repentance.  If we know it is not an act we should be doing we will endure consequences.  God is just because he loves with a disciplining grace.

What do we need to forsake or take up so that we become people of the Cross?  Where do we need to demolish the strongholds to let love in that we might radiate love to a broken world?  How have we willingly trudged into sin?  In what ways have we engorged on temptation and need to submit to God’s will and surrender our lives that we might access the Holy Spirit’s power?

Fat Tuesday should not be a day for reckless engagement but rather a time to meditate on what needs trimming or pruning in our lives so we become people hedged in the image of Christ.


One Reply to “Trimming the Fat”

  1. So it turns out the Mardi Gras was initially a day for Pagan celebrations of spring and fertility rituals. It makes sense why Carnivals are rampant with ideals seemingly contradictory to Christ then. However, the adaptations by Christians to this holiday don’t seem to have a focus shift on God and repentance which is what I think an adaptation of a day for Christians would entail if we do it just prior to Lent.

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