Loving Justice on the Battlefront

Pin a yellow ribbon on my heart

to stop dreams from bleeding out.

I watch love lay inside a mahogany box

shroud in stars and stripes.

Onlookers see a stone of bravery,

myself I see priorities skewed,

hopes buried,

and a tear soaked trench ruggedly set before me.

I must trudge this lonely road

wondering what could have been if only an arm was set aside.

What if this cry was not rung for battle but heeding the beckon of a babe?

Yeah I can’t watch military movies.  Every gunned man has Frank’s face.  Every mourning wife, my appearance.

When is war just?  Is one side evil and the other good?

I think at times war is a necessary evil.  When is it classified as necessary though?

It is my husband’s aspiration to serve his country.  My Christian love devoted to my loyal man has been to approve this lifestyle.  Love is sacrifice.  Is this justly?  Am I thinking about what will assist my family the most?  Would putting my family beyond all else, save Christ, be just?  Can one love a country too much so?  Can a wife love her husband too dearly to willingly sacrifice greater security that her lover might pursue his desires and fuel the fires of her fears?

Is it just to permit one’s closest friend to engage in dangerous behavior if it is what the friend aspires to?  Are we testing God’s protection by entering the battle?  Should we trust that God will call us home regardless of flying bullets and that entering the fire doesn’t necessarily ensure our demise?

Yeah…American Sniper is a good story.  It was a story that should be shared.  I’m just not so sure it is a healthy film for an already paranoid Army wife to watch.

It also filled my mind with the justice of war, the justice of shooting one terrorist to save 2+ civilians, the justice of armed forces, and the justice of good vs. evil as revealed in humanity’s depravity.  Alas, I am left with more questions than answers.  This seems to be the trend as I seek to understand God’s justice vs. that of mankind.


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