Medicine: A Just Model of Care

Midwifery vs. Medical Models

I’ve received so much static throughout my pregnancy as I receive various viewpoints on my method of care.  Many individuals tell me how I should have a doctor because they come with more letters after their name.  Well, to be honest, people tell me this because of the education required to earn an M.D., but for simplification I’ll say it is really the letters that comfort the majority.  However, things can go wrong with a doctor too.

If God wants to call me home, he’ll do so using a midwife or a doctor.  Humanity isn’t in control of my death bed, God is.  People can do the stupidest things and still survive.  If God feels you still have something to serve his kingdom on this side of heaven then you will stay.  At least that’s how I see God’s power.  I’m not saying we should test him, but he commands my destiny, not a health professional.

Anyways, Frank and I have chosen to use midwives for the birth of our child.  I’m glad we have done so.

Most OB-GYNs I’ve been to rush me in and out without paying any mind to fears, joys, or questions.  They do unnecessary vaginal exams, introducing bacteria to my private parts each time one is done.  After feeling violated they say everything looks good, see you next time.  When I ask a question they look at their chart and say the test shows this or the test shows that.

A midwife appointment easily lasts 45 min. or longer.  They look me in the eye.  When asked if anything is new they inquire about emotional and physical changes to my lifestyle.  They hear me out.

I had an appointment roughly 2 weeks ago.  I shared some private concerns.  This week I received a call from the midwife.  She called me on her personal cell phone.  She was checking in to see how I was doing and if she could help.  I felt so loved in that moment.  Here was one woman reaching out to another and knowing that this path of life isn’t easy.  She was gentle and non-judgmental, genuinely concerned for my well-being.

You don’t get that kind of care with the medical model.

Here I’m not just another number on someone’s paycheck.  Here I am a person, an individual that matters.  At the Midwives of New Jersey, I feel empowered as a woman and as a member of society.

If our society could shift towards this model of care in all aspects of health than it might be a more just method of treating a person’s complete well-being.

Also, if you are a female reader looking for a medical professional in NJ to care for your reproductive health than I highly recommend the Midwives of NJ.


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