An Evening Match

It’s been a while since I’ve written.

Why do we find fighting entertaining?  In Rome, there is a Colosseum, albeit in ruins now, that was dedicated to the gladiatorial games.  Men were killed for sport back then.  Today we have boxing, or fist fights at major sporting events.

Last night, after one of the worst play calls in history, members of the Seahawks threw punches against the Patriots.  It was entertaining, although barbaric.  Why was I drawn to the violence?  I regret calling it entertaining but it was.  I thought it ridiculous and unnecessary, but there was still the adrenaline rush.  It could just be the shock value.  I couldn’t believe the impulse of man over something so trivial.

God has been teaching me about self-control lately.  I could act on every temptation that greets me, but I’m commanded to reign in my passions.  I need to be self-controlled in my temperament, desires, and behaviors.  It isn’t easy, but we are equipped with the power of the Holy Spirit to do so, if only we yield to a fear (reverence) of God and submit to the conscious, or Holy Spirit’s discernment.

I still have strides to go in accomplishing complete self-control and it will continue to be tested as a toddler’s tantrums will try my patience shortly.  It is interesting to see the growth that has taken place in this area of my life and how it is still being shaped.  I’m also intrigued how a simple brawl led to such pondering over self-control and what I find entertaining that needs to be managed in my life.


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