Far Be It From God

“Far be it from you to do such a thing-to kill the righteous with the wicked, treating the righteous and wicked alike.  Far be it from you!  Will not the Judge of all the earth do right?”- Gen. 18:25

Abraham boldly protests the destruction of Sodom.  He asks God if the city would be spared if there were 10 people who were found to be righteous.  Abraham was quite bold.  From what I read in this verse and the subsequent verses, I know Abraham reveres God.  However, unlike mainstream Christianity today, Abraham doesn’t approach the throne timidly.  He asks questions.  Abraham basically asks God how a good deity could destroy an entire city if there were people that still loved God in the city.

We ask the same questions today.  We ask God how evil can prevail; why he lets certain things happen to the “good” people.  Wouldn’t a just God spare the righteous?

Now from the story we know that even 10 people couldn’t be found in the city and it is destroyed.  However, Lot does escape the destruction.  Even in the face of evil are the followers of Christ protected?  What is our notion of deliverance versus God’s?  Is he preserving the righteous and we just don’t know it because his plans are always bigger than ours?

He has delayed his return out of his mercy.  God hears the pleas of his people.  We are to trust him in adversity.  We often look for solutions to our problematic circumstances, but would the resolution bring about the peace that we are looking for?  His peace surpasses all understanding, perhaps even our understanding of his love and justice towards those who choose to follow Him.


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