Un Tir

The runner pleads parley

but the gunman refuses such peace.

Lead splinters in the sweat streaked flesh

while sneakers soak up the flow of velvet veins.

So there, in the pool of claret, lays the terrorist’s target.

We can not begin to understand the motives for such hostility.  We can blame religion for a slaughter as in the Crusades.  However, we are still left with a vegetarian, atheist Hitler that, through gaseous snares, gnawed at a Jewish race.  The fact still remains that an extremist, be it a religious folk or not, will reign in terror, thinking that fear ushers submission and asserts his/her authority.

May we pray for the peace of Christ to comfort those in France.  May our language not be a hindrance.  Americans, lay down any frustrations you’ve fostered due to an imagination of French arrogance.  This is not a time for criticizing.  It is a time for binding together in unified prayer to fight the dark forces inhabiting certain individuals.  We need prayer.  We need community.  Let us make this place, no matter where we are, a house of worship so that the persecuted will be protected and/or delivered.

Parisians you are in our thoughts and prayers.  May God strengthen you during this difficult time.  If you haven’t, turn to him and find a peace that sustains the soul.

Today I think about justice for the French and that justice is in the Hope. Peace, Joy, and Love of Christ amidst an uncertain time.


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