Peace of Mind = Justice?


The engine kept turning but the truck wouldn’t start.

In the comfort of socked feet I traversed to the window.

Peering out, I saw him struggling to get the vehicle moving.

I’d intended to spend a few minutes calming my soul by reading a Jesus Calling devotional.

As I kept hearing the rise and fall of failed attempts to get the truck rolling

I wondered what was a greater priority.

I could take 5 minutes to rush through a devotional book

or I could gather my belongings and lend my vehicle to a deserted man trying to get to work.

There were bills to pay and without my assistance he’d be stranded.

In that moment I prayed and knew that I had to pack up and head to work myself, while the devotional book remained on the shelf.

Sometimes Christianity isn’t about pouring over the Word.

Now don’t get me wrong that is extremely important and we should make it a habit to seek his Word daily lest we conform Christ to our opinion, not what he says about himself.

Yet today it was about active faith for me.  Active in granting transportation to a fellow man while trusting in the benevolence of co-workers to drive me home since I’m not that far away.  It was grace granted and grace trusted.

God’s justice is about peace.  Last night Frank and I read Isaiah 9.  The beginning of verse seven states, “Of the greatness of his government and peace there will be no end…”  God rules in peace.  The Jews of that time expected a Messiah who would eradicate Roman rule.  He would demolish the heathens.  Yet, God in his wonderful love and mercy, came riding on a donkey into Jerusalem so he could die a sinner’s death though he himself wasn’t stained by such blemishes.  God chooses to rule in peace when we would have our vengeance or selfish pursuits. 

Now maybe I’m stretching the application a bit, and forgive me if I am and it makes no sense, but this morning I chose to bestow peace of mind to another and in that I hope I’m letting God’s justice reign a little bit more in my life.  My plans were floundered, but altered so that I might care for the need of a brother in Christ.  Is the easing of troubles for another a form of ushering God’s peace on earth and in turn his justice?  From what I understand thus far, I’d reckon so.

(FYI, it was Frank’s truck.  So was I being selfish because I knew that his work would increase our income and ease financial distress or was I giving him peace that he could use my car and as such, letting God’s justice reign in our home?  Thoughts?)


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