A Happy Heart

This week of Advent focuses on Joy.

I’ve always been a bit confused about the difference between joy and happiness. People say that happiness is circumstantial but joy transcends situational difficulties. Doesn’t the expression of both appear to be the same? Are we not praising God in both? I can choose to be happy regardless of a struggle just like I can joy, can I not?

If we are Christian we have the Holy Spirit and doesn’t the Spirit guide us to be content in any and all circumstances? Isn’t that the path we are on; the path to have the countenance of Christ? I don’t really notice a difference between word usage of happy and joy in Scripture. Isn’t that where we are supposed to gather truth? Has man made a distinction because joy sounds holier? Can I have sorrow and joy at the same time? To me, they seem contradictory, polar opposites.

Then again, maybe I don’t fully understand the concept because I haven’t fully grasped (lay hold of) it.


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