Wholly Surrendered

How does one attain peace?

I’ve been reading the biography Bonhoeffer lately. He was a bold, non-apologizing man. Bonhoeffer was a devout follower of Christ and an eloquent, sometimes seemingly arrogant, preacher. When he spoke church attendance would rise. His scientific background meant that he did not simply accept principles. He questioned thought and long held beliefs. Bonhoeffer asked what church was. He asked how he fit into the man made mold of community. At a young age he was able to propose complex theories.

I mention Bonhoeffer because he has quotes akin to stating that we are not a Christian if by voice alone. We must surrender our life otherwise we mock Christ, belittling him to merely a moral teacher. He argues that Christianity when viewed as a religion is no different than any other. Christianity builds upon the moral teachings of the Jews. However, Christianity is different from other systems when we don’t look to doctrines or dogma, but rather the person of Christ. Christ is God incarnate, God reaching down into humanity. God first initiates and we are to follow. When humanity tries to attain heaven by our finite efforts, we fail.

This theme got me thinking. Perhaps the lack of peace I’m experiencing is because I’m a prisoner of religion rather than a willing bond servant of Christ. If I fully surrendered my life and understood the sacrifice and jeopardy that entails than I might actually experience a fullness of peace.

I can have peace because Christ gives it abundantly. However, I must be willing to render this anxious heart to him. I must seek Christ, not a solution to my problems and in doing so I just might taste peace.


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