Peace Like A River

This past Sunday was the second Sunday of Advent. We lit the peace candle.

In a time of great uncertainty in our life- housing, financial impact of this child, my job, babysitting/daycare, and the life change of a child added to our brood- I’m often wrought with worry. I’ve often been told that the degree of worry in an individual’s life correlates to their spiritual walk. Do you trust God to get you through any and every situation or do you succumb to life’s circumstances and become consumed with fear?

I tend to lack trust, a lot. Maybe it was my upbringing. Perhaps it was a traumatic experience that I can’t quite remember. Yet, when I pause and render thanksgiving, counting how God has provided I see that my needs have always been met. I haven’t had everything I’ve always wanted, but I’ve had what I’ve needed to survive. I keep thinking that if I remove myself from American culture that I’ll be able to see how much I have, that in fact, I have excess.

However, God has placed me here. He wants me to trust him and share his good news in this consumer-diseased nation. Christ wants me to meet with him. I won’t necessarily get the answers I’m looking for, but when I fellowship with him, I am assured that I’m not alone in this journey. Christ gives of himself. His strength is made perfect in my weakness.

His perfect love can cast out my worst fear. Christ’s love washes my soul. His mere presence, when sought, drowns my fears by the river of his providence and omnipotence and the waves break to let peace envelop my soul.


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