Down Under…An Illness, not an Exotic Getaway

I had every intention of writing as soon as we returned. Then I got sick.

We had an excellent vacation. It truly was a trip of a lifetime. I will record the positives of the trip soon. For now, I’m feeling miserable and I think it is okay to be honest. I’m allowing myself to put my frustrations into the nether-sphere of the World Wide Web.

So to conclude our trip I was sunburned and riddled with bug bites. I tried not scratching them. Then I resorted to one tablet, with pleas that I’d feel kicking in the morning, of anti-histamine. I couldn’t take it. Of course this makes me wonder how I’m going to manage labor pain free if I can’t handle some simple itch pain.

Friday night or Saturday, not sure which, I woke up at 2 am gurgling blood as my nostrils dripped red. A pool of blood soaked the sheets. Frank, bless his servant heart, woke up, and as I was soaking through a handkerchief, he cleaned the bed and sheets.

Pregnancy usually results in constipation. This is more than you need to know probably, but I must have eaten something that has resulted in Blitzkrieg on my bowels.

I’ve had a sore throat for a few days. I went to the doctor and got tested for strep. The test was negative. It is a viral cold.

I got violently sick at work yesterday. As I was typing in sample information into the software the room started to spin. My supervisors grew concerned as they watched my pale face and staggering body race to the bathroom. I had a headache, dizziness, and nausea. Thankfully the nausea ebbed once my morning morsels were expelled.

I’ve suffered swollen feet. For the first time in my life I have suffered cankles. Sometimes I can’t even get my shoes on.

Where is this glow they keep telling me about? Frank keeps telling me how beautiful I am. My hair won’t cooperate. I have this odd wave in my curls which I haven’t had before. I’m constantly blowing my nose. I’m sleeping all the time since we’ve gotten back (roughly 12 hours or so). My eyes are puffy. Where is this woman he’s talking about?

I hate pregnancy. I feel guilty saying it since it took us 3+ years to achieve it, but still I hate it. Thankfully, I was a bit relieved to know I am not alone. If you are feeling it, you aren’t alone either. Also, here is the article that I read to make me feel better. Evangelical friends say pray and that helps somewhat, but sometimes its better knowing you aren’t crazy for how you are feeling.,%202014&MsdVisit=1


One Reply to “Down Under…An Illness, not an Exotic Getaway”

  1. Knowing you aren’t crazy for how you feel is so relieving I think! It just helps knowing that someone else has gone before you and then maybe you can do the same for the next person. It’s that relationship, communal aspect of our beings that wants to see the similarities and know we aren’t crazy or weird or totally alone.

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