Lights dim, a screen blackens, and a belly wets with warm gel
Slowly the wand presses on the lubricated surface
and an image pops up on the screen.
A black and grey picture flickers with the movement of a babe
A once still, resting child now with sound waves animates.
The reclined woman grunts as flutters of the shifting twist inside her uterus.
A proud observer awes at the kick and punch of his kin.
Even though the flat-back woman moans due to the uncomfortable turns of this infant
both lovers smile at the treasure they’ve been given.
With joy they radiate thanksgiving for the promises of God
and a covenant of intimate oath that led to this creation,
a product of DNA combined and great love’s fruitful budding.

We’re happy to report that so far it appears the baby is healthy. We also have photographs (even though the technology hasn’t fully been researched for its effects on a child in the womb). I’ll try to post them soon.


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