Three decades of someone to have gratitude for

Dough spins in the afternoon breeze

while the grill’s smoke dances with the wind.

Vegetables crisp, in vibrant colored bowls, rest on the table

waiting to dress the sauce slathered cradle.

As the aroma of fresh cuisine lingers in the air

the chatter increases to meet the scents.

A group of friends wishing to demonstrate love

gather round glowing embers and a candle’s wax

singing songs of well wishes to issue in this new year,

the beginning of a new decade for a dear comrade.

She’s a woman who has fought for the silenced voices,

carried healing words to balm the brokenhearted,

helping to create beauty from ashes

simply for being an encouraging presence

and a devoted daughter of a most high king.

I am blessed to be part of her life, thankful for her hospitable spirit, and joyful that I partook of the festivities of which I’ve written about above.  This friend is a gift and a treasure.

Happy 30th Birthday Jamie.  I hope you know how much we love you and that you’ve been such a dear friend in everyone’s life that was present last night.  Our lives have been deeply enriched because we have known you.


One Reply to “Three decades of someone to have gratitude for”

  1. Kelly, thank you, that is so beautiful! I felt like my life is the one that has been so enriched by all my friends and family. I’m so lucky to have you and I know Chad chose just the right people to conspire with him for the surprise! I had no idea when I came in the house who was in charge and what was going on, but when I came in the kitchen and saw you and Shelli working on everything and Frank at the grill outside, I realized Chad had a good team behind him. Thank you so much for everything that day and this beautiful poem!

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