Vegan Faith is Weak?

I’ve been reading through the book of Romans lately.

Rom. 14:
A few days ago there were verses discussing the importance to not put a stumbling block in our neighbor’s path. If they struggle with a particular sin that we are to abstain. We’ve often heard that verse quoted in churches. What we don’t discuss is the fact that the verse is really talking about disputable issues. It isn’t a list of what you shouldn’t do, that eating something not within the Jewish dietary laws is forbidden; rather, it is a verse about unity and non-judgement in the church. Somethings we should just let issues go and if that means abstaining because our brother’s walk might be hindered than we should do it. It is better to let something go than to quarrel about it.

I’ve noticed that I am too sensitive. I’ve been told this in the past. I get upset and dwell on issues rather than addressing them with the person I have an issue with. I could also just decide to not let silly differences bother me. However, I have a nasty habit of thinking I’m right.

I think things should be put away and not left out (hence my issue with hoarding). My home is cluttered. Television is a mind-numbing, life-sucking activity. I don’t have cable, but if I’m honest than I watch far too much because I have the internet. So maybe it isn’t so much that I think I’m right and more that I see the sin in another, am frustrated that they participate in it rather than “setting an example”, and continue to focus on the issue in them rather than rectifying it in myself.

It is something I’d like to work on before our kid is born. It’s been a life long habit from what I can remember so it probably won’t happen overnight. I have to just give myself grace not to be the “perfect” mother and just continue seeking Christ, peace with my brethren, and give myself and others the grace God has given us.


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