Hush little child, don’t say a word…

While driving home from physical therapy yesterday, I heard the song The Throne of God Above.  While listening to the tunes, I got an image of Christ bending silent before his accusers.  He was beaten, bleeding and bruising.  Yet in the accost he did not defend himself.  Instead he looked onward with pity and prayed silently for God to forgive them.

It was in that moment that I felt like God was nudging me.  He was hinting that is where I should start, in silence.  I keep gossiping because I prattle.  It is okay to let ear drums be still.  My father reiterated this point.  I wouldn’t gossip if I didn’t talk about people or complain if I just was thankful.  Also, if I strain myself to only speak when I have positive speech to bless the hearing folks surrounding me than I would complain less, or at least my negativity would be confined to my mind.  Over time my lack of negativity being poured out would penetrate my heart and my thoughts would become more optimistic, more uplifting.

So that is where I must begin, in exercising silence and when I do speak, than it must only be that which is inclined towards encouragement and joy.  In doing so I’ll train this tongue, with the help of the Holy Spirit of course, to be a gift to those who are listening and only be praise that would usher glory to the throne of God above.

If  you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.– An adage from most mothers throughout time.


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