A Dream Lived

So the other night when revealing my pregnancy to friends at a church I used to go to, I started discussing poetry with one of my friends. He then asked me if I’d be interested in an opportunity I’d dreamed about- sharing my poetry publicly. Now, I’ve wanted to get published and use that as a sustainable income, but I’ve never thought myself good enough or qualified to attain such a lofty goal. I wouldn’t be published with this opportunity. I’d simply be bringing God glory on stage in front of a large congregation. My voice of praise would be live. I’d be heard. Now a part of me fears that I want to do this out of my own pride; that I am wanting to do it to be praised for the arrangements of words that I formulate. I know that this talent is not out of my own doing though. God gives gifts and he can take them away. I’m praying as to whether or not I should take this opportunity as it could be a stepping stone into living the dream of being a traveling writer or it could not be. I know that through it all Christ must be lifted high, not me. I need to start being made in the image of Christ. I know that when I accepted him as Lord and Savior that work began in me, but I feel like I need to take bigger strides in my spiritual walk now and grow increasingly humble because everything I do, the choices I make effect the little one growing in me. My decisions will continue to impact the life within when he or she is born and watches me, waiting to see what a God-loving life looks like and wanting me to follow through. He or she will notice authenticity or falsehood. I want to be an example for this child. Our legacy lives in our kids, if nowhere else. I want to be remembered for the dreams that were always pursued to honor Christ, not myself. Please pray with me about this opportunity and if so, what words should be written in my poetry that Christ will be magnified and his love revealed.


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