The Glorious Second

I’m roughly 15 weeks along now and am in my second trimester.  People have told me that this trimester is blissful.  I have yet to experience it.  I’m still achy and sore all over as my muscles tighten in my shoulders and back yet loosen in my pelvic region.  Today I spit up three times, each having the vinegar taste of vomit.  I know the title of this post is misleading and discussing bodily releases is not the most pleasant thing to read about.  I honestly don’t really know what to post about other than this though.  This is my current experience.  All that to say, I keep anticipating when pregnancy stops feeling like a nuisance (because there are women who’ve had it worse and frankly with everything going on in the Middle East and Asia I really can’t complain about my pregnancy since I’m growing this kid with such creature comforts like peace and indoor plumbing) and I start enjoying this answered prayer.  I am grateful, I just don’t think I’ve ever truly dealt with all the fears and knew exactly what to expect before now.  It is a lot different than I thought it would be and nothing like my sister-in-law’s pregnancy that I envy so much (she didn’t even know until she was 7 months along)!

Here’s to finding strength in Christ yet again because I have absolutely none of my own.  In him this’ll be a glorious experience if I’d just rely on him and less so on myself.


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