The Stork’s Delivery

I can remember wanting to be a mother for quite some time.  I already knew the lack of sleep and night feedings that would await a parent.  There are countless stories of the ridiculous things kids do and say.  Children are expensive.  I knew all this.  You grow up hearing all about parenthood and child-rearing.  You don’t hear much about the pregnancy process.

Your body undergoes massive changes.  Some have it easier than others.  I wouldn’t say I’ve had a difficult pregnancy with this kid, but it hasn’t allowed me to be my typical energetic, bubbly self.  I’m a major extrovert who likes to be out of the house.  This pregnancy has seen me at home in front of the TV most of the time because I don’t have the energy to do anything.  Perhaps my sedentary lifestyle has intensified this fatigue.  If I actually was exercising and moving would I be less sluggish?  I’m not sure.  Probably.

Anyways, I wasn’t expecting pregnancy to be like this.  I feel gross half the time.  You hear about the glow.  All that is glowing these days would be the night-lite in the bathroom if we had one since you’ll spend half your night in there trying to relieve yourself since pregnancy slows down all bowel movements and speeds up urination.  That might be too graphic and not the glorious pregnancy stories you hear about.  This has been my experience though.  Yes, I loved hearing the heartbeat and I’m grateful that Frank dotes on me like a princess, but other than that, this baby growing is exhausting!  I feel silly saying that.

I wish those stories of the stork delivery were true because you always imagine the bundle of joy in your arms, not the sleepless nights without a swaddled babe, the endless bathroom hours, and the ability to fall to sleep during the day since you are so wiped from the night before.  (Not sleepless because you were doing something fun like making the kid…)

Perhaps the stork image was meant more for adoption.  Another woman grows the child and you get the joy of imparting knowledge into a kid.

I’ve been told I’ll love this.  So far I’m to tired to enjoy it.  All I’ve thought lately is how the rest will not come from by body and that I wished the stork would just drop this kid off and I wouldn’t have to be a blob.  Thankfully, if I just start pursing it, the peace of Christ and his strength will get me through this.  In a way, it’s like God’s saying I am the stork, I just chose the means in which it is delivered into this world and that you have to lean on me to get through it.


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