A Stranger’s Advice

A home fitted with igniting dangers

alerted the children of potential fatalities.

As the little ones marched through

they voiced precautions and preventive measures

to rescue ash and charring flesh.

In keeping house in tidy fashion and lives prepared,

they could snuff a flame from scorching their timber.

In such a dwelling to instruct

you’d never think injuries could be incurred.

Alas, the stairs jarred my spine

and made me think that three months later

I’d sustained a serious infraction against normal anatomy’s operation.

Then just a week ago the shooting jolt ran down my other side,

not on the side with the point of contact I’d made on the metal rise,

and made me think that maybe its this thing inside

pushing on a nerve.

Yeah, I thought my back pain and inability to walk, without intense pain, was due to a fall I sustained while giving fire safety trailer tours to kids.  Then the pain shifted to the side I didn’t fall on (my left back rather than right back side).  I’m beginning to think it is just another pregnancy joy: my kid growing and pushing against my sciatic nerve.  I did get good advice from a stranger as I was walking out of Panera telling the kid to get off the nerve.  The stranger overheard me and did a pity laugh as she recalled her time in pregnancy.  She gave some wonderful advice to rock on all fours and that should shift the baby’s position.  We’ll see how long it fixes the pain.  For now, I’m just grateful God sends angels along our path when we are sore and need counsel.


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